Damwon Gaming are introduced at the 2019 Worlds

After the second day of play at the Worlds Play-Ins, Damwon Gaming emerged as the only team from the two competing groups undefeated.

DWG finished the day 2-0 with wins against Royal Youth and Flamengo Esports but there was some cause for concern. The team’s weak bottom lane was targeted by Royal Youth early, leaving Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-Hyeon’s Kai’Sa with two deaths inside the opening six minutes.

RYL had recorded more kills throughout the game until the 31-minute mark, but DWG maintained a lead in gold thanks to masterful map control and effective play from their two solo lanes.

Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon took Vladimir to top lane and finished the game 4/0/6 to earn ‘Player of the Game’ in DWG’s opener.

In their game against FLA later in the day, DWG got off to a better start and had slight advantages heading into mid-game thanks to Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu’s jungle play with Taliyah and Heo “ShowMaker” Su on Renekton in mid.

A surprising baron-rush helped them take down baron about four seconds, allowing them to quickly recover and ace FLA who were late to the party. It was easy work for DWG from them on and the proceeded to finish the game at 30:08.

In the other Group D game, FLA managed to defeat RYL.

Hong Kong Attitude, Lowkey Esports, and Mega Esports ended their first day of play locked up at 1-1 apiece.

In the fourth game of the day, MG scored a brilliant come-from-behind win over LK after a successful team fight to defend their top inhibitor at the 26-minute mark.

Other games in the group saw LK defeat HKA and HKA score a win over MG.

View the complete standings after day two here:

Play-In Group Standings

Group A

  • Clutch Gaming (1-1)
  • Mammoth Gaming (1-1)
  • Unicorns of Love (1-1)

Group B

  • Splyce (2-0)
  • Isurus Gaming (1-1)
  • Detonation FocusMe (0-2)

Group C

  • Hong Kong Attitude (1-1)
  • Lowkey Esports (1-1)
  • Mega Esports (1-1)

Group D

  • Damwon Gaming (2-0)
  • Flamengo Esports (1-1)
  • Royal Youth (0-2)

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