Best Tristana URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more

Best Tristana URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more 1

With this detailed Tristana build guide, prepare to rocket yourself to victory as the Explosive Shot expert in URF mode!

Don’t underestimate Tristana’s power in League of Legends’ current seasonal game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire! As one of the game’s top ADC Champions, Tristana reaches new limits and endless possibilities with URF’s reduced cooldowns and zero mana cost mechanics. 

Tristana ranks high on our list of the best Champions to pick in URF and also shows up in the top 5 Champions in terms of win rate! If you’re ready to dominate the fast lanes, make sure to follow our guide for the best Tristana build for URF. 

Best Runes for Tristana in URF

As Tristana’s naturally a fierce damager in the lanes, her runes for URF focus on ramping up her damage to quickly decimate her enemies. The healing passives of these runes will also help you last longer and survive team fights.

  • Hail of Blades: Hail of Blades synergizes perfectly with Tristana’s rapid-fire playstyle, allowing her to quickly stack her Explosive Charge and unload devastating bursts of damage on her enemies.
  • Taste of Blood: Ensure Tristana’s sustainability in combat with Taste of Blood, granting her healing whenever she deals damage to enemy champions, allowing her to stay in the fray longer.
  • Eyeball Collection: Stack up bonus attack damage with Eyeball Collection, gaining additional AD for each takedown she participates in, further enhancing her damage output as the game progresses.
  • Relentless Hunter: Enhance Tristana’s mobility and map presence with Relentless Hunter, granting her increased out-of-combat movement speed, and allowing her to quickly rotate around the map and participate in skirmishes.

Best Spells for Tristana in URF

Flash is a mandatory pick for every League of Legends player, specifically in the action-packed URF mode. You would want a spell that lets you get out of tricky situations or escape possible demise when outnumbered by enemies.

As the runes already grant some healing, choosing Exhaust may be a good option. Exhaust reduces the damage output of enemy champions and slows their movement speed, allowing her to outmaneuver and out-manage her opponents in fights.

Best Items for Tristana in URF 

This build focuses on making Tristana lethal on the field with Critical Strike chance and damage. 

  • Kraken Slayer: Kraken Slayer is a core item for Tristana in URF mode, providing her with increased attack speed, attack damage, and bonus on-hit damage, ensuring her basic attacks pack a punch and shred through enemy champions with ease.
  • Infinity Edge: Amplify Tristana’s critical strike damage with Infinity Edge, ensuring her critical strikes deal devastating bursts of damage and making her basic attacks even more lethal.
  • Berserker’s Greaves: Bolster Tristana’s attack speed with Berserker’s Greaves, ensuring she can unleash her explosive fury with unparalleled swiftness and efficiency.
  • Rapid Firecannon: URF mode often results in chaotic team fights where positioning is crucial. Rapid Firecannon extends Tristana’s attack range upon energizing her next basic attack, allowing her to safely deal damage from a distance without putting herself at risk.
  • Bloodthirster: Bloodthirster offers Tristana increased attack damage and life steal, allowing her to sustain through prolonged engagements and outlast her opponents in fights.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards: Lord Dominik’s Regards grant Tristana armor penetration, allowing her to cut through tanks and heavily armored targets with ease, ensuring no foe can withstand her explosive assaults.

Best Skills for Tristana in URF

  • Explosive Charge (E): Maximize Tristana’s damage output by prioritizing her Explosive Charge ability, allowing her to quickly stack her bombs on enemies and unleash devastating explosions. Furthermore, this skill’s stun ability enables Tristana to not only deal damage but also set up her team’s plays to decimate enemies. 
  • Rapid Fire (Q): Prioritize Rapid Fire next to enhance Tristana’s attack speed and range, allowing her to rain down explosive fury upon her enemies with increased ferocity and speed. On URF, Rapid fire becomes Ultra Rapid. Paired with the Crit Build for items, even Tristana’s basic abilities become lethal weapons that enemies should be wary of. 
  • Rocket Jump (W): While Rocket Jump should be maxed last, it’s crucial for Tristana’s mobility and repositioning in fights, allowing her to escape dangerous situations or engage on vulnerable targets with explosive precision.

Armed with the best runes, items, spells, and skills, you are now poised to reign supreme as the Explosive Shot expert with Tristana in URF mode.

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