Best Smolder URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more

Best Smolder URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more 1

Get to know more of Smolder’s prowess in League of Legends’ URF game mode! Here, you’ll find the best build to increase your chances of a win rate during your URF games. 

Smolder is a top pick for League of Legends players trying the URF game mode. Aside from being the newest Champion, it is always exciting to test the champ’s kits to the limits and their maximum potential with URF’s zero mana cost and low cool-down rates.

If you’re looking for the best build for Smolder in URF, look no further because we got your back!

Best Runes for Smolder in URF

Smolder can either be built with Precision runes or Sorcery runes like Arcane Comet. However, to maximize the potential of unlimited attacks of fast-paced URF, you should build Press the Attack.

  • Press the Attack: Amplify Smolder’s damage output with Press the Attack, allowing him to stack bonus damage on targets and unleash devastating combos with his fiery abilities.
  • Triumph: Ensure Smolder’s survival in heated battles with Triumph, granting him health restoration upon securing takedowns and enabling him to press on with relentless aggression.
  • Legend: Bloodline: Enhance Smolder’s sustain with Legend: Bloodline, providing him with lifesteal that scales with each takedown, ensuring he can sustain through extended engagements.
  • Coup de Grace: Finish off weakened foes with Coup de Grace, augmenting Smolder’s burst potential and ensuring swift eliminations as he ignites his enemies.

Best Spells for Smolder in URF

Provide Smolder with essential mobility and escape options with Flash, allowing him to reposition in fights or flee from dangerous situations. You can also use Ghost aggressively or defensively, depending on the situation. 

Best Items for Smolder in URF 

  • Essence Reaver: Essence Reaver is a core item for Smolder in URF mode, providing him with attack damage, cooldown reduction, and mana restoration on critical strikes, ensuring he can unleash his fiery abilities more frequently. This also pairs well with Smolder’s E ability that grants move speed and mobility, so you can have empowered attacks after circling the enemy. 
  • Navori Quickblades: Navori Quickblades offers Smolder increased critical strike chance and cooldown reduction, allowing him to spam his abilities and maintain relentless pressure on his enemies.
  • Boots of Swiftness: Enhance Smolder’s mobility with Boots of Swiftness, granting him increased movement speed to maneuver around the battlefield and chase down fleeing opponents.
    • Ionian Boots of Lucidity (Conditional) – Is URF’s increased attack speed and lower CD rates not enough to spam Smolder’s fiery attacks? You can also use Ionian Boots for “instant” cooldowns!
  • Rapid Firecannon: Rapid Firecannon extends Smolder’s attack range and provides him with bonus attack speed and critical strike chance, ensuring his fiery assaults hit their mark from afar. While Smolder’s W attack has a wide range, using Rapid Firecannon maintains your Champ at a “healthy” poking distance, especially when facing high-damage melee enemies. 
  • Phantom Dancer: Phantom Dancer offers Smolder increased attack speed, critical strike chance, and a lifeline shield upon falling to low health, enhancing his survivability in prolonged engagements.
  • Infinity Edge: Amplify Smolder’s critical strike damage with Infinity Edge, ensuring his fiery attacks pack a devastating punch and scorch enemies with every hit. Infinity Edge provides a substantial amount of flat attack damage, making it a powerful offensive item for champions like Smolder who rely on their basic attacks to deal damage.

Best Skills for Smolder in URF

  • Q – Super Scorcher Breath: This skill should be prioritized for maxing first to maximize Smolder’s damage output. Placing Q in priority also lets you stack more of Smolder’s passive that increases the damage of all his abilities. 
  • W – Achooo!: Maxing this ability next enhances Smolder’s utility and targeted damage.
  • E – Flap, Flap, Flap: Smolder’s third ability may not be the biggest damage dealer, but it is important for mobility! Practicing Smolder’s E skill lets you use the champion both aggressively and defensively, depending on the flow of your fights. 

Armed with the best runes, items, spells, and skills, you are prepared to reignite the flame with Smolder in URF mode. While Smolder’s win-to-pick rate ratio may not be at its best form, we wish you greater chances of success now that you have a guide for the best Smolder build! 
Stay tuned for more League of Legends URF build guides. For the best Champions to use in URF, visit our LoL URF Tier List for 2024!

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