Best Kayle URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more

Best Kayle URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more 1

Are you looking for the perfect Kayle build to dominate URF matches? You’re in the right place!

It is no surprise to any League of Legends player that Kayle constantly ranks among the best Champions for URF. We’re letting the stats talk for this one – as Kayle dominates the win-rate ranking out of all Champs played in the seasonal game mode, raking in a 59% win rate on all servers. 

Her flexibility with AD and AP damages makes Kayle a lethal Champion in the high-speed game mode. You can build your Kayle depending on your enemies and your team’s composition. Read this article for the definitive Kayle URF build that will elevate you to divine status on the battlefield.

Best Runes for Kayle in URF

One of the driving forces behind Kayle’s overpowered state in URF is the low cooldowns that let her have seemingly unlimited heals and invulnerability. Moreover, the boosted gold rate and XP gain speed make Kayle an absolute beast in no time. 

  • Lethal Tempo: Amplify Kayle’s already formidable attack speed with Lethal Tempo, allowing her to unleash relentless celestial fury upon her foes. Lethal Tempo Kayle is best for those players who want to make the most out of URF’s high attack speed and low cooldown rates. 
  • Triumph: Triumph ensures Kayle’s survivability during battles, granting her health restoration upon securing takedowns, allowing her to stay in the fight and continue her divine onslaught.
  • Legend: Alacrity: With Legend: Alacrity, Kayle gains increased attack speed with each takedown, allowing her to rapidly stack it and reach maximum devastation potential in the blink of an eye.
  • Coup de Grace: Use Coup de Grace to finish off vulnerable enemies, enhancing Kayle’s burst damage and ensuring quick kills on targets with less than a specific level of health.

Best Spells for Kayle in URF

Flash is a no-brainer spell for any Champion. It provides essential mobility, allowing your champion to reposition in team fights, escape precarious situations, or close the gap on enemies trying to escape the onslaught. For your second spell, you can choose Ghost for mobility or Ignite for extra kill pressure to low-health enemies.

Best Items for Kayle in URF 

The power behind Kayle in a blind-pick situation is her flexibility with AD and AP builds. You can switch between the two equally powerful builds depending on your team’s call or your enemies’ weakness. 

Whether you’re looking for a magic damage Kayle or an AD Crit build – you’re in for a treat because we’re giving you both builds!

  • First Item: Doran’s Blade: Giving your Kayle an early game advantage with life steal and increased attack as your first buy is always a good move!
  • Berserker’s Greaves: Bolster Kayle’s attack speed with Berserker’s Greaves, ensuring she can unleash her full power with unparalleled swiftness and attack speed.

AP Heavy Kayle Build in URF

  • Nashor’s Tooth: Nashor’s Tooth is a cornerstone item for Kayle in URF mode, providing her with increased attack speed, ability power, and cooldown reduction, amplifying her celestial might and enhancing her sustained damage output.
  • Lich Bane: Lich Bane synergizes perfectly with Kayle’s kit, granting her bonus ability power and enhancing her burst potential with a powerful on-hit effect that scales with her ability power.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: Rabadon’s Deathcap amplifies Kayle’s ability power to divine levels, ensuring her celestial abilities strike fear into the hearts of her enemies and secure swift eliminations.
  • Shadowflame: Shadowflame offers Kayle additional ability power, and magic penetration, allowing her to pierce through enemy defenses and deal devastating damage with her celestial abilities.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: Rylai’s Crystal Scepter provides Kayle with increased ability power and health, as well as a slowing effect on her abilities, meaning your enemies would have a hard time escaping your and your teammates’ wrath!

AD Heavy Kayle Build in URF

  • Kraken Slayer: Kraken Slayer synergizes perfectly with Kayle’s attack speed-focused build, providing her with bonus on-hit damage that scales with her attack speed, allowing her to shred through enemy champions with ease.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: This item is VITAL for AD Kayle builds. Blade of the Ruined King offers Kayle increased attack damage, attack speed, and lifesteal, providing her with sustain and allowing her to cut down even the tank-iest foes.
  • Bloodthirster: Bloodthirster further enhances Kayle’s sustain with life steal and a shield upon overhealing, ensuring her longevity in extended engagements. Imagine the frustration of your enemies after damaging you – only to see your HP replenish due to Bloodthirster life steal!
  • Infinity Edge: Infinity Edge amplifies Kayle’s critical strike damage, allowing her to deal devastating bursts of damage with each critical hit and making her celestial strikes even more lethal.
  • Mercurial Scimitar: Mercurial Scimitar provides Kayle with magic resistance, attack damage, and a cleansing effect upon activation, allowing her to break free from enemy crowd control and continue her divine onslaught uninterrupted.

Best Skills for Kayle in URF

  • E – Starfire Spellblade: Maximize Kayle’s damage output by prioritizing Starfire Spellblade, empowering her basic attacks with celestial energy and allowing her to devastate her enemies with every strike.
  • Q – Radiant Blast: Enhance Kayle’s poke and wave-clearing capabilities with Radiant Blast, using its slow effect to control enemy movements and set up kills for herself and her team.
  • W – Celestial Blessing: While Celestial Blessing is maxed last, its healing and movement speed buff is invaluable for Kayle’s sustain and mobility in prolonged engagements and precarious situations.

Master the art of dominating your enemies with AD or AP Kayle builds for URF! Now that you have Kayle in URF mode and all the best runes, items,  spells, and skills at your disposal, you are ready to unleash divine fury on the battlefield. 

Stay tuned for more League of Legends URF build guides. For the best Champions to use in URF, visit our LoL URF Tier List for 2024!

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