With the latest extension of Honkai: Star Rail’s storyline, many players are intrigued by Sam’s identity. This article contains spoilers if you haven’t played through the story quest.

Honkai: Star Rail released its version 2.0 update on February 6. Many Trailblazers were excited as it was a big update. It included new events, characters, light cones, and the continuation of the story and lore.

Penacony was introduced in Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0, the newest world players could explore. Along with this was the exciting storyline, which included new characters such as Aventurine, Sunday, Robin, Firefly, Acheron, Black Swan, and Sparkle.

Near the end of the Trailblaze Mission “The Sound and the Fury,” Trailblazers met Stellaron Hunter Sam, a mecha-looking character. As there wasn’t a lot of information about him, players began to come up with their own theories and discussions.

In the battle during the Trailblaze Mission, Sam mostly showed fire-red flames. Meanwhile, in the photo in the Reddit post, he had a jade and yellow color scheme for his wings. This was taken from the version 2.0 music video “WHITE NIGHT.” This intrigued many players, sparking debate on the character’s true identity.

The original Reddit post compared his wings to Screwllum’s. Both possess the same color scheme, but the Reddit user wasn’t sure if this was just a coincidence. Comments under the post disregarded this as purely coincidental, as there are a lot of other characters possessing the same colors.

Is Firefly Sam?

In another Reddit post, some Trailblazers linked him with Firefly. They believed Firefly was not dead and may be the same person. During the story, Firefly mentioned that the players may need to face and fight her. The place where she ‘died’ was also where players met and battled with Sam.

The Reddit user pointed out that the mecha suit may be the only thing keeping Firefly’s physical body alive. This could explain why Firefly’s current form could only manifest in the Dreamscape. With the same logic as the previous Reddit post, the jade and yellow color scheme can also be seen on Firefly.

During the scene where ‘Death’ took Firefly, she apologized to the Trailblazer. A player thought that she might be saying sorry because being killed in the dreamscape meant becoming the mecha Stellaron Hunter and needing to fight the Trailblazer, who became dear to her.

byu/Alone-Tension from discussion

Many hope that Firefly is indeed Sam because many of the players become attached to the character after spending time with her. Trailblazers should still keep in mind that Firefly might have encountered him in the dreamscape, as she was accompanied and betrayed by ‘mecha.’

All of this information may be totally unrelated to the Stellaron Hunter’s real identity, but Trailblazers should stay tuned for the continuation of the storyline in hopes of gaining new insight into the character.

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