Honkai: Star Rail Penacony Update

The latest Penacony update for Honkai: Star Rail will increase the game’s mobile file size further, almost doubling its previous size.

Hoyolab’s latest update to Honkai: Star Rail is set to hit your screens on February 5. However, the Penacony update has already surprised the game’s mobile community as the pre-install files take the game from a little over 18 GB of data to 31 GB. 

As the Penacony update entails introducing a whole new Planet to the game, many players expected a significant increase in the game’s file size.

However, what surprised the mobile player base is how the game seems to reach Genshin Impact’s, another Hoyolab world-famous multi-platform game, file size less than a year after its release.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 update has mobile players “hanging on for dear life” 

In one of the replies, one Honkai: Star Rail player remarks that their phone is “hanging on for dear life” with only 64 GB of internal data. While other players commented that they had to buy another gadget to accommodate the size of the game. 

One reply on the original X post details that after the update installation, mobile players of Honkai: Star Rail can expect a portion of their storage to free up. 

Whether or not the file size significantly decreases for the new Planet update, Honkai: Star Rail players should expect the game to continue increasing in size and be prepared to delete more than a couple of videos in their gallery. As the game is yet to reach its anniversary, further updates and new Planet additions to the game calls for bigger data space. 

It can be noted that a similar issue sparked for Genshin Impact players, with a considerable percentage of its player base playing on mobile. Hoyolab seems to continue facing criticism from its patrons over the ballooning size of its games. 

Hoyolab’s mobile player base call for a feature to delete files of past quests 

As the increasing file size of Honkai: Star Rail will carry on as the game progresses, many players are calling for a feature to “free up” space on their devices once they’ve completed past quests. 

Committed players of Hoyolab titles may remember Genshin Impact players’ appeal for the same feature. The developers eventually added the feature for Past Quest Resource Management a year ago, with players eventually deleting up to 3 GB of data from past game events. 

The team behind Honkai: Star Rail is yet to announce the same feature for its player base.

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