Honkai: Star Rail players report wild finds in Sparkle’s unexpected mail

Honkai: Star Rail Sparkle gift

Honkai: Star Rail fans were surprised after receiving Sparkle’s unexpected mail containing random finds.

Honkai: Star Rail is a popular role-playing game by miHoYo and published globally by HoYoverse released in April 2023. The game offers players worlds to explore, as well as interesting characters with their own stories.

The version 2.0 update introduced Penacony and the characters involved in the main story, such as Acheron, Black Swan, Aventurine, and Sparkle. There had been a divide between the fans on Sparkle’s controversial role, but the character brings more surprises on the day of her warp banner release.

The day Sparkle’s warp banner went live in the game, players noticed the mail “Don’t Open This!!!” sent by “The most honest person in Penacony.” When a player opened this mail, they randomly got Sampo in their no-rolls account.

The “Don’t Open This!!!” mail contains ten Fuels and a “Sparkle’s Wondrous Pack,” a carefully prepared present from a particular Masked Fool. This item also rickrolls the players through its description. Opening the mail could randomly get players the following: Credbits, Praise of High Morals, Sanctity of the Trashcan, or Sampo.

A Honkai: Star Rail fan replied in the Reddit post, asking whether this was real. Another player confirmed this by showing Sampo’s information and proof that they haven’t done the Hanu’s Prison Break event, which gives you the choice of acquiring a 4-star character, including Sampo.

One player even tried to experiment through five accounts to try and get him. He received “trashy” items using the “collect all” feature, while they got a Praise of High Morale when only collecting Sparkle’s mail. Another Reddit user did state that this is completely random and not based on the collection method.

Honkai: Star Rail Sparkle mail
“Don’t Open This!!!” Mail from Sparkle “The most honest person in Penacony”

Another Honkai: Star Rail player said: “Imagine if there was a chance of just getting Sparkle.” A reply stated that people would most likely post about it if they randomly got Sparkle through the mail, although they believed the devs wouldn’t do it.

So go ahead and claim this wonderful gift from the mischievous Masked Fool and see whether you get Sampo, Credbits, or Praise of High Morals! Unless you’re super unlucky and get trash instead.

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