Honkai: Star Rail players puzzled by eerie mysterious figure in new light cone


Honkai: Star Rail fans became curious about the identity of the mysterious figure seen in one of the new light cones.

Honkai: Star Rail is a strategy, turn-based role-playing game developed by miHoYo and published in China, while HoYoverse published it for the global version. The game was released in April 2023.

New characters and five and four-star light cones would constantly be introduced for every update. The most recent version 2.0 update last February 6 introduced us to many characters, including Acheron, Black Swan, Aventurine, and Sparkle. They also released light cones such as “Indelible Promise,” “Flames Afar,” and “Final Victor.”

In a Reddit post, a Honkai: Star Rail player expressed that the mysterious masked bird found in the new four-star light cone “It’s Showtime” scared them. This particular character was also seen in the background of the art for Aha, the Aeon of Joy, representing The Elation.

The eerie masked bird is seen to be holding onto its top hat as if performing. It also had quite muscular human-like legs, which could contribute to its “scariness.” There’s not much information on whether this character is important, but there’s been speculation and jokes about its identity.

Fans have been saying that the masked bird may be Owlbert, the narrator for the Honkai: Star Rail Special Programs and the Keeping Up With Star Rail series. The character belongs to the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), which is affiliated with Topaz.

Owlbert’s identity remains a mystery. However, a fan speculated that he’s possibly IPC’s secret head, a Masked Fool, and a Genius Society member candidate.

Owlbert Honkai: Star Rail
Owlbert from Keeping Up With Star Rail

Another player joked: “You’ve never seen Owlbert’s legs before?” To which another fan responded that they’ve always seen him behind a table in character introduction videos, never catching a glimpse of his lower half.

One thing that could be sure is that this mysterious masked figure is directly linked to the Masked Fool faction and to Sparkle. Players will have to wait for any revelations in the story about the eerie figure’s real identity or his importance. Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail updates!

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