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In the vast universe of gaming, while open-world adventures like Genshin Impact have their allure, some players are finding solace in the more structured environments of games like Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail (HSR) by HoYoverse, while being in the same family as the wildly popular Genshin Impact, offers a different gaming experience.

One player recently shared their appreciation for HSR’s non-open world nature, highlighting the challenges of farming for in-game items like clams for Neuvillete.

The player humorously mentioned the need to resort to YouTube guides to locate these elusive items, contrasting this with the ease of gameplay in HSR where one could simply click a few buttons and go AFK.

The sentiment was echoed in the comments, with players appreciating the streamlied nature of HSR, especially on busy days. One user, who identified as an adult with a family and full-time job, emphasized the value of gaming time, preferring to engage with stories and new content rather than repetitive farming tasks.

Another player pointed out the absence of time restrictions in HSR, contrasting it with other games that make players wait for specific days to level up.

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While Genshin Impact is celebrated for its immersive open-world aspect, Honkai Star Rail takes a different approach. It’s described as a turn-based action RPG, leaning more towards a semi-open world.

In HSR, maps are relatively linear, divided into smaller sections, and players need to access menus to visit other locations. This structure contrasts with the vast open world of Genshin Impact, where players can freely engage in various activities.

While the allure of open-world games remains undeniable, there’s a growing appreciation for titles like Honkai Star Rail that offer a more structured experience. In the end, it’s all about finding the right game that matches one’s mood and playstyle.

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