Honkai: Star Rail players call out “butchered” Xianzhou quest for not hitting the mark


Honkai: Star Rail’s Xianzhou story quest has left players feeling underwhelmed, missing the narrative depth expected from the acclaimed developer.

Honkai: Star Rail, developed by miHoYo and released internationally in April 2023, is a role-playing gacha video game that has quickly garnered attention for its expansive universe and engaging gameplay. This title, set in a science-fantasy universe, follows the Trailblazer as they travel across worlds to resolve disasters caused by the Stellaron.

The game’s storyline, set in Xianzhou Luofu, promised to be an exciting addition. Xianzhou Luofu, one of the six flagships of the Xianzhou Alliance, is depicted as a vibrant world that blends Eastern fantasy with futuristic elements.

However, the execution of this storyline has not lived up to player expectations.

Many fans have voiced their concerns, feeling that the narrative and cultural depth of Xianzhou Luofu was not fully realized. Despite its potential, players describe the quest as lacking in substance and failing to engage meaningfully with its setting.

One Reddit user expressed disappointment in the comparison to other story quests, stating, “The main quests are not necessarily bad, but pale in comparison to Sumeru, Fontaine, Javilo 6, and Penacony.”

This sentiment was echoed by others who expected a more nuanced portrayal of the game’s own cultural inspirations, with one commenting, “It is strange since you’d think they would try to do better with the depiction of their own country.”

Despite these criticisms, there are players who remain hopeful for the future of Xianzhou in Honkai: Star Rail. One player shared their anticipation for what’s next stating that there still could be more for the next ship of Xianzhou suggesting that the developers might still turn the narrative around in future updates.

Honkai: Star Rail players call out "butchered" Xianzhou quest for not hitting the mark 1
Xianzhou Luofu (Honkai: Star Rail)

Others pointed out the challenges faced by the developers in depicting their own culture, highlighting the pressure to avoid stereotypes and the difficulty of capturing the intricacies of a culture from within.

However, some were less forgiving about the execution of the Xianzhou story, with comments ranging from Xianzhou Luofu didn’t have any substance and contribution to the plot to criticisms of the quest being so disappointing that it’s surprising “it even got approval as the final story.”

As Honkai: Star Rail continues to evolve, it’s clear that the Xianzhou Luofu chapter has become a point of contention among its player base. While some hold out hope for improvement, others remain critical of how the story has been handled thus far.

What remains evident is the community’s passion for the game and their desire for stories that match the quality they know miHoYo can deliver.

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