Honkai: Star Rail player “roasted” for taking Belobog Museum artifact text seriously


A curious Honkai: Star Rail player received an unexpected message after delving into the game’s Belobog Museum artifacts.

Honkai: Star Rail, developed by HoYoverse and part of the Honkai series, invites players into a universe brimming with adventures and mysteries. Among its various engaging elements, the game features the Belobog Museum, a repository of artifacts and lore that deepen the game’s rich narrative.

The Belobog’s History and Culture Museum houses artifacts that tell tales of the game’s expansive universe. However, it’s not just the artifacts that have stories to tell; the developers have embedded their own narrative surprises within these texts.

Recently, a player’s attempt to translate the encrypted text on a museum artifact turned into a humorous encounter. The text, once deciphered, revealed a message from the developers stating that the encrypted text doesn’t have any meaning at all and stated that the player should have used their time in other meaningful ways.

This unexpected twist sparked reactions from the community, showcasing the playful side of the development team.

Players shared their thoughts on Reddit, with reactions ranging from amusement to disbelief. One comment highlighted the player’s dedication asking if they are a wizard that can read ancient runes.

Another pointed out, “Lmao. Roasted by the devs.” Further comments delved into the game’s lore, with one player mentioning that this joke is an average Masked Fools shenanigans and another humorously adding, “The Devs worship Aha.”

This refers to Aha, an Aeon known for delighting in the joys of life and causing chaos in unpredictable ways, mirroring the developers’ playful approach to the game’s hidden messages. Another player expressed their astonishment, “There is no recovery from this,” showcasing the impact of the developers’ humorous Easter egg.

Honkai: Star Rail player "roasted" for taking Belobog Museum artifact text seriously 1
Belobog Museum Painting (Honkai: Star Rail)

As Honkai: Star Rail continues to evolve, it’s clear that its universe is not just about the battles fought but also the laughs shared along the way.

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