Honkai Star Rail Firefly with Stelle

A Honkai: Star Rail player suffered repercussions for ignoring Firefly’s request for a selfie. This article will contain spoilers!

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based strategy role-playing game developed by HoYoverse, the creator of the popular games Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. The game recently released the version 2.0 update, which introduced Trailblazers to Penacony, a new world they could explore.

The new version contains new content for Trailblazers to enjoy, such as the various events and missions, warps for Black Swan and Misha, free Star Rail Special Passes, and the continuation of the storyline. Many are especially excited over the Trailblaze Mission that is available as they get to experience Penacony.

For most of the story in Honkai: Star Rail, players get a chance to choose their preferred response to a dialogue. Some may see this as an attention checker and pay no mind to whichever one they choose. This was when one Trailblazer regretted testing the game’s limits when it came to these choices.

The Reddit user shared that there’s always a tug-of-war that happens inside his brain whenever he is presented with the dialogue choices in the game. They would often choose the option that is apathetic than the empathetic one since they had this preconception that it would only elicit a unique response.

This was when the newest Penacony storyline proved them wrong. During the scene where they were with Firefly, they were given the option to take a selfie with the said NPC. Of course, they thought that they had the freedom to choose and not receive massive consequences.

Honkai Star Rail Firefly
Firefly from Honkai: Star Rail

When prompted the first time, they chose to say no to Firefly. The NPC was visibly sad due to the response of the player, but they were given another chance to take a photo. Still, the player decided to decline as they thought that the game would continually offer the photo opportunity.

This was when the player realized that they would never be able to take the photo with Firefly again. They became extremely worried that this may be a special memorabilia that they had missed out on.

Another Reddit user pointed out the quote by Kafka: “When you have a chance to make a choice, make one that you know you won’t regret.” Players within the same Reddit post shared the importance of choosing the decision that they think is right so that they wouldn’t have any regrets or face consequences they do not want upon themselves.

byu/mysemendemons from discussion

The difference between the dialogue options in Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact was also brought to light. Many players of Genshin Impact are used to randomly choosing an option since it’s predetermined already. However, the same thing cannot be applied to Honkai: Star Rail, as it is up to the player to forge their own unique path.

With all of these in mind, every Honkai: Star Rail player should make a choice that they would not regret. We never know the consequences we will face when we choose a certain action or dialogue. This is also easily applicable to our own lives, so make choices you’ll be proud of!

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