Honkai: Star Rail’s Lordly Trashcan is proving to be a formidable foe, surprising many players with its devastating power.

In the sprawling universe of Honkai: Star Rail, players face a myriad of enemies, each with unique challenges.

Yet, the Lordly Trashcan, a seemingly benign opponent, has risen to infamy for its unexpectedly lethal attack strategy.

Belonging to the Cosmos faction, this enemy distinguishes itself not through its appearance but through the exponential growth of its attack damage, leaving even the most seasoned players scrambling for viable countermeasures.

Honkai: Star Rail's Lordly Trashcan teaches players a brutal lesson with skyrocketing damage 1
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This peculiar foe starts off harmless but quickly escalates its threat level, doubling its damage output with every turn it takes.

Players have shared their astonishment and frustration as their top-tier, heavily invested characters are decimated in a single blow by an enemy they underestimated—the humble trashcan.

The community’s reaction has been a mix of awe and despair, with many taking to Reddit to share their experiences. One user lamented the loss of their heavily invested DPS character to a single hit from the Trashcan, while another pointed out the crucial importance of breaking the Trashcan’s defense within the first few turns to avoid its lethal damage. The exponential damage increase has left even the most seasoned players struggling to find a reliable counter-strategy.

“Months of farming wasted,” Robin_7883 shared on Reddit, capturing the shock and dismay of watching their main DPS character fall to the Lordly Trashcan’s might in an instant.

Another user elaborated on the dire mechanics at play, highlighting the critical need for strategies that conclude the battle swiftly, ideally within the first few turns.

“The trashcan’s damage is exponential. Every turn, it doubles. Not even the most invested FX in the world could survive the 6th turn, neither save the unit being targeted from getting one shot.”

“They start hitting on the 20k range. Its just a break check, they die as soon as they get defense broken, so it shouldnt ever take over four turns anyway,” the player wrote.

The community’s response has been a blend of strategy sharing and commiseration as players exchange tales of their encounters with the Lordly Trashcan. A player commented no matter the defensive stats they had, there is no way that their character will survive a 45k hit.

byu/Robin_7883 from discussion

The prospect of facing the Lordly Trashcan in more challenging game modes like Memory of Chaos or Simulated Universe has sparked a mix of fear and anticipation within the player base.

“Fear the day the Lordly Trashcans are added to MOC or Simulated Universe,” one player commented, foreseeing the heightened challenge it would bring to already demanding game modes.

As players continue to navigate the vast cosmos of Honkai: Star Rail, the Lordly Trashcan stands as a formidable testament to the game’s intricately designed challenges. It underscores the perpetual arms race between player strategy and game mechanics, ensuring the journey through the stars remains as unpredictable and thrilling as ever.

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