Honkai: Star Rail leak reveals Acheron's Skills, Abilities & Eidolons 1

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak may have revealed what Acheron’s skills, abilities, and Edolons are. 

According to a post from u/CTheng from the r/HonkaiStarRail_leaks subreddit, a leaker named HomDGCat has provided screenshots showing what Acheron can do in Honkai: Star Rail. Fans may recall that Acheron is a 5-star character under the Path of Nihility who can unleash Lightning damage upon her opponents.

The leaks, if they are to be believed, suggest that Achron can deal Lightning damage in an area-of-effect (AoE) through her Skill and Ultimate or to a single target through her Talent and Technique. Acheron’s Skill allows her to deal Lightning damage to a single target and the opponent adjacent to them, giving her 2 Energy Points. 

Acheron’s Ultimate allows her to enter the Ultra Pose, allowing her to deal Lightning Damage to all opponents, who now have their All-Type RES decreased while Acheron’s Ultimate is in play. The leak suggests that Acheron can attack all opponents up to four times before exiting Ultra Pose, ending her ultimate.

Meanwhile, Acheron’s Talent has her enter battle with no Energy Points but allows her to apply 1 Lotus to her target for every Energy Point gained. If Acheron has no target, she will select the opponent with the highest number of Lotus to get another Lotus, with Elite enemies prioritized first.

Opponents that get a debuff will also acquire a Lotus and give Acheron 1 Energy Point as well. Each opponent in the field can only have 3 Lotus at most; it allows Acheron to deal additional Lightning damage to opponents during her ultimate by triggering Acheron’s Talent, Lotus Bloom. 

Acheron’s Lotus Bloom Talent allows her to deal Lightning DMG to all opponents in the field, with the damage dealt considered as Ultimate damage. For every Lotus Acheron’s Ultimate consumed, the damage Lotus Bloom inflicts increases by 100%, which is independent of other buffs. 

Honkai: Star Rail leak reveals Acheron's Skills, Abilities & Eidolons 2
Photo Credit: HoYoverse

Interestingly, Acheron’s Technique will allegedly allow her to kill an opponent instantly before she enters the battle. Should the opponent not get eliminated, Acheron’s technique allows her to deal Lightning damage to all targets once the battle is joined, along with gaining some Energy Points.

The Traces in Acheron’s kit could allow her to get some Energy points after entering battle (Trace 1) and become stronger based on the number of Nihility Path characters in the party apart from herself (Trace 2). Honkai Star Rail players can only add two Nihility characters along with Acheron to maximize Acheron’s damage count. 

Acheron could also increase the damage she inflicts outside her Ultimate for some turns for every Lotus consumed when Lotus Bloom is triggered (Trace 3). Meanwhile, her first and second Eidolons allow Acheron to debuff a single opponent, increase her ATK and Crit Rate stats, and increase her damage further with a third Nihility character present, respectively. 

On the other hand, Acheron’s fourth and sixth Edolons might allow all her targets to receive increased Ultimate DMG for some turns when performing her Ultimate and increase her Ultimate damage. Interestingly, her sixth Eidolon could convert the damage her normal attack and skill deals as Ultimate damage too. 

As with other leaks, Honkai Star Rail players must consider this information until HoYoverse releases official information about Acheron’s skills, abilities, and Eidolons. HoYoverse could release Acheron soon, specifically sometime after Honkai Star Rail’s 2.0 update. 

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