Is Luocha worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail?


Deciding whether to invest in Luocha for your Honkai: Star Rail team? Here’s what you need to know.

One of the characters joining the first phase of 2.1 is Luocha, an Imaginary element character from the Path of Abundance known for his healing prowess and unique combat abilities in Honkai: Star Rail. He will appear alongside Acheron during the first phase of version 2.1, alongside new eventsbannersanniversary rewards, and other characters like Aventurine and Jingliu, which are coming in the second phase of 2.1. But is Luocha worth your hard-earned Stellar Jades? Let’s dive in.

How good is Luocha as a playable character?

Luocha is a formidable sustain and support character, particularly for those needing SP-positive characters. His Talent, which deploys a healing field upon reaching two stacks of “Abyss Flower,” is a game-changer. It offers substantial heals whenever allies attack enemies within this field.

Furthermore, his emergency skill, which auto-casts a heal when an ally’s HP drops below 50%, makes him incredibly SP efficient, especially when paired with SP negative DPS characters.

Do I Need Luocha’s Signature Light Cone?

Since Luocha’s introduction, I’ve found his healing capabilities to be impressive, even without his signature Light Cone. This 4-star Light Cone, “Perfect Timing,” significantly boosts his healing output. While it’s a valuable addition, it’s optional for using Luocha effectively. Other 4-star options provide sufficient support, allowing you to allocate your resources strategically.

I personally use Perfect Timing, and it is already more than enough for Luocha to sustain my team even in long fights, so I recommend you save your resources for other characters or Light Cones.

Is Luocha Worth Pulling for?

Is Luocha worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail? 1
Blade Luocha team setup (Level Push)

If your team needs an SP-positive healer, Luocha is a top choice. He offers substantial healing, and his emergency skills and healing field make him an invaluable asset in prolonged battles. He ensures your team’s survival through tough encounters, making him a reliable partner for any composition.

Furthermore, Luocha synergizes well with characters like Blade, offering enhanced sustainability and healing to support aggressive playstyles. Since Blade consumes his HP when he attacks, Luocha can help him get his HP back quickly.

However, his reliance on ATK for scaling makes him more vulnerable than other sustain characters. Despite this, his healing capabilities more than compensate, making him a worthy addition to any team.

Luocha Abilities Showcase

Luocha acts as the team’s sustain unit. He heals exceptionally well, and he can sustain Blade easily compared to other Abundance units since Blade inflicts self-damage, and Luocha can easily fill his HP back up.

Luocha healing capabilities (Level Push)

In conclusion, Luocha is a solid investment for players looking for a powerful, SP-positive healer capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor. His unique abilities and versatility in team compositions make him a character worth considering for your Honkai: Star Rail journey.

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