Is Aventurine worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail?

Is Aventurine worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail? 1

Aventurine’s warp banner will be available in Phase 2 of version 2.0. If you’re wondering whether to pull for Aventurine, you’ve come to the right place!

Another Honkai: Star Rail character that a lot of players are excited about is Aventurine, whom Trailblazers’ have encountered in the Penacony questline. You could pull for Aventurine during Phase 2 of version 2.0, along with Jingliu, right after Acheron and Luocha’s banners ended.

Aventurine Honkai: Star Rail

How Good is Aventurine as a Playable Character?

Aventurine is a Preservation: Imaginary character, meaning that he’ll sustain the team he’s part of. He provides himself and the team with a shield called Fortified Wager, which lasts up to three turns and can stack up to 200% if you continuously use his skill. Whenever an ally gets hit, he gains a stack of Blind Bet. When Aventurine himself gets hit by an enemy, he gains two Blind Bet stacks. He is also immune to crowd control (CC) effects while he has Fortified Wager on himself.

Is Aventurine worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail? 2
Blind Bet stacks

When Blind Bet reaches 7 stacks, it triggers his 7-hit follow-up attack, which scales off Aventurine’s DEF stats. His Ultimate gives 1 stack of Blind Bet, deals Imaginary damage based on Aventurine’s DEF stats, and inflicts the Unnerved debuff to an enemy. If an ally attacks the Unnerved, their CRIT DMG increases.

He will be a great alternative to Gepard and another addition to the Imaginary Combat Type. Not only that, he would suit well in various follow-up attack team compositions as their sustainer.

Do I need Aventurine’s Signature Light Cone?

Aventurine’s Signature Lightcone “Inherently Unjust Destiny” would be amazing on him, as it increases his DEF stats, and his kit and skills would scale off of this. Also, when Aventurine provides a shield to an ally, his CRIT DMG increases, which lasts for two turns. When he does a follow-up attack (FUA), there is a chance to increase the DMG taken by the enemy, which also lasts 2 turns.

Of course, the Signature Light Cone would always be the best for these characters, but it’s not entirely a requirement. If you can get it for him, that’s better. If not, players could equip him with other alternatives, both 5-star and 4-star light cones.

Is Aventurine Worth Pulling For?

There are only four other Preservation characters before Aventurine, so you can definitely pull for him if you’re lacking in that area. Gepard is another 5-star character who could provide shields for the whole team, but that’s locked behind his ultimate. It would depend on whether you lose your 50/50 to Gepard, pull him from the standard warp banner, or choose him in the 300-pull character selection.

Although I use Gepard, I would definitely prefer having Aventurine’s shield over him since I only need to use his skill rather than wait for the Ultimate. The shield is also stackable as long as Aventurine keeps using it. It’s great to have another follow-up attack character, and having the Unnerved debuff on enemies would also be heavenly.

Aventurine is also the first Preservation character with the Imaginary Combat Type, and I believe having more Imaginary characters in your roster would do you more good than bad.

From my personal experience, I have lacked Imaginary characters and only had Yukong before the free Dr. Ratio in the mail. I honestly had a hard time with some of my battles because of it. Don’t be like me, who only has Lightning and Quantum characters pulled and built.

As I usually approach this “Should I pull for [Character]?” question, it ultimately comes down to whether you need Aventurine on your team or just want him because of his story or character design and appearance. If you need him on your team, pull for him. If you want to see and control him walking around in the overworld and in battles, pull for him.

Aventurine Showcase

Here’s a clip showcasing Aventurine along with Dr. Ratio, Sparkle, and Tingyun if you want to see him in action before the release.

Aventurine is another great character, not only with his kit and skills but also with his character writing and design. You could always wager your Stellar Jades and pull for him, just as he won his current position by wagering against fate.

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