How to Re-Roll in Honkai Star Rail: Guide 1

Honkai Star Rail, a space fantasy RPG by miHoYo, offers players a vast universe to explore, filled with mysteries, tactical combat, and a plethora of characters. As with many gacha games, the allure of obtaining the perfect character drives players to re-roll.

Today, we’ll guide you through the most efficient ways to re-roll in Honkai Star Rail, ensuring you get the character you desire.

How to Re-Roll in Honkai Star Rail

Re-rolling in Honkai Star Rail can be a bit tedious, but with the right strategy, you can optimize your chances of getting your desired character.

  1. Creating a New Account: Unlike Genshin Impact, you’ll need to create a new account for re-rolling. You can do this either through the game’s starting screen or via the HoYo Lab website. After registering with your email and setting a password, you can start a new game on any server.
  2. Switching Servers: An alternative to creating a new account is switching servers. Since progress isn’t shared between servers, you can start anew on a different server with the same account.
  3. Fastest Re-Roll (30 minutes): Begin the game, choose your character, and proceed through the initial combat scenes. After the tutorials, use the 20 Star Rail passes from the pre-registration rewards for two 10-pulls in the Departure Warp Banner. If you don’t get your desired character, switch accounts and try again.
  4. Casual Re-Roll (40 minutes): After the initial 20 warps, use active codes to collect as many Jades as possible. Claim achievements, gather chests, and complete tutorials for more Jades. Use these Jades for pulls on the limited banner, which will provide enough Embers for another 10-pull.
  5. Slowest Re-Roll (1-1.5 hours): This method combines the above strategies and extends your gameplay. Continue quests until you reach level 10. You’ll receive Star Rail passes from various sources, including Pom-Pom, the Trailblazing Will event, and the Ember shop. In total, you’ll get 40 Star Rail passes, guaranteeing a 5-star character from the banner.

Re-rolling in Honkai Star Rail can be time-consuming and repetitive. However, the satisfaction of obtaining your desired character can make the process worthwhile.

Whether you’re a dedicated player aiming for a specific character or someone looking to enhance their gameplay experience, this guide will help you navigate the re-rolling process efficiently.

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