Honkai: Star Rail fans torn over rumored swimsuit skins for unexpected characters

Honkai: Star Rail fans torn over rumored swimsuit skins for unexpected characters 1

Honkai: Star Rail players’ reactions were divided over the rumored swimsuit skins for its characters.

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based strategic role-playing game developed by miHoYo and published globally by HoYoverse. These are the same creators of both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. Players can explore the different areas of the planets such as Penacony and enjoy its rich storyline.

The game is currently in version 2.0, released in February 2024. It features new 5-star characters such as Black Swan and Sparkle. Upcoming characters include Aventurine and the most awaited one yet, Acheron.

While it is exciting to have new characters joining the roster of playable characters, the previously released characters may also receive some love soon.

In a Reddit post, a fan shared that Honkai: Star Rail may be adding new skins soon in a leak by Hex and Uncle Winter. The latter had a high success rate in leaking information for Genshin Impact, so there is a 70% chance this may be true.

They detailed that the first characters who would get these skins would be characters from the Astral Express: Himeko, Welt, and March 7th. There were also hints that Seele and Bronya, two characters from Jarilo-VI, would have swimsuit skins. These are apparently in development, which means this could be subject to change.

Some fans questioned how Bronya and Seele would have a swimsuit when they lived on a planet that the Eternal Freeze had frosted over for 700 years.

One replied that there could be a new area, considering how Jarilo-VI is warming up again, as it was initially a tropical planet. The devs may tie the swimsuit to the lore, with the planet’s residents wanting a beach day after so many centuries.

There were Honkai: Star Rail players who hoped the new skins would have additional effects and change the skill or ultimate. Another fan wanted at least new voice lines for the new skins as they were tired of hearing the same line during a character’s ultimate. They stated that even Genshin Impact has three different voice lines for their burst.

Having new skins in Honkai: Star Rail would be exciting, especially if they come with new voice lines or even animations. We’ll have to wait for the upcoming updates and stay tuned on the latest Honkai: Star Rail news!

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