Honkai: Star Rail fans stunned as devs sneakily “roast” the Kardashians in-game

Honkai: Star Rail fans stunned as devs sneakily "roast" the Kardashians in-game 1

Honkai: Star Rail fans were surprised to find the developers sneakily “roast” the Kardashians in the event.

Honkai: Star Rail, shortened as HSR, is the popular turn-based strategy role-playing game by miHoYo and published worldwide by HoYoverse. The game allows players to enjoy its combat mechanics and rich storylines.

On February 6, 2024, Honkai: Star Rail released its version 2.0 update, which brought the new planet Penacony for players to explore and experience. In the same update, there were multiple new events, such as Hanu’s Prison Break and Dreamjolt TV.

A player shared on Reddit that the “Kardashians” appeared in Honkai: Star Rail but were shown as trash. This is encountered in the Dreamjolt TV Day One challenge, where the players must defeat them.

There would be introductions to the characters on the TV during the event. For the Kardashian reference, the dialogue reads: “Then, a bizarre, muscular figure shows up on the screen. He introduces himself as Bagtrashian, the head of the Trashian Family. He’s also the protagonist of “Keeping Up With the Bagtrashians,” a popular reality show by Dreamjolt TV.

This is an apparent reference to the Kardashians’ reality TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians, ” which aired in 2007. This show ran for 20 seasons until its conclusion in 2021.

Besides the Dreamjolt TV Penacony event reference, Honkai: Star Rail also has a special program called “Keeping Up With Star Rail,” which stars Owlbert and other guests narrating about the playable characters or Simulated Universe events.

A player commended the description of the Day One challenge, stating that this was the best description they had read for an event. Another Honkai: Star Rail fan thought this was an S-Tier roast from the developers and localizers team.

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