Honkai: Star Rail fans predict next characters to get second versions like Dan Heng

Honkai Star Rail characters

Honkai: Star Rail players are sharing their predictions on which characters could get their second versions, just like Dan Heng.

Honkai: Star Rail is a game developed by HoYoverse, the same creator of Honkai Impact 3rd. There are currently 43 playable characters in the game, with another four coming in the next updates.

In Honkai Impact 3rd, there are multiple variations of the same character, which show their progression in the story. This can also be seen in Honkai: Star Rail as they introduced Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae.

The possibility of having other alts of characters in the game is not impossible. This is why a fan on Reddit shared their own theory on which Honkai: Star Rail character would get a second version.

According to the poster, they believe that Herta would have another version due to the first one not being her real body. Another character that they’re sure of is March 7th due to Dan Heng and MC having one. They also believe Tingyun would resurface as another version due to the possibility of having a story about her. Based on what they’re reading, they also mentioned Sampo, but they were unsure if he had a chance.

They also included current five-star characters such as Bailu, who they believe would get another version in a Luofo expansion. Luocha was still mysterious, especially with the coffin. They also mentioned an older version of Yanqing, who would be following Jingyuan’s steps. Svarog was also one of their predictions, even though he didn’t have their own playable character and only as part of Clara.

Honkai: Star Rail Herta
Herta from Honkai: Star Rail

Others believed that the current five-star characters probably wouldn’t receive alternatives. However, they think that March 7th, Sampo, and Herta have a high chance of receiving new versions.

Some believed Luocha had the possibility of having a new version due to him being the “Otto” (Honkai Impact 3rd) of the game, possibly encountering the Void Archive, as well as being an ex-Nameless.

As the story of Honkai: Star Rail progresses, there may be more chances of having more alts of the existing characters. There are many more things to look forward to, such as the release of Acheron and Aventurine in the next updates!

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