Honkai: Star Rail fans plead devs for boss theme music in Memory of Chaos

Honkai Star Rail - Stellaron Hunters

Fans of Honkai: Star Rail are calling for the inclusion of boss theme music in Memory of Chaos, emphasizing the depth it adds to battles.

Honkai: Star Rail, developed by miHoYo and released globally in April 2023, has quickly captured the hearts of players worldwide. This turn-based RPG, set in a rich science-fantasy universe, allows players to traverse worlds resolving disasters caused by the Stellaron.

Despite its acclaim, fans have one pressing request: the addition of boss theme music in Memory of Chaos.

Players argue that the unique boss themes, such as Svarog’s Godfather, Sam’s Nevermore, or Kafka’s Hunter’s Intuition, significantly enhance the gaming experience. These tracks, praised for their composition, play only during initial encounters, leaving players longing for more.

The community has taken to Reddit to voice their desires, with one user sharing, “I wanna hear that fancy violin piano combo when I fight Argenti… It’s a waste to only listen to these once.”

Interestingly, some players have resorted to muting the in-game music to play the boss themes in the background, underscoring the depth of their attachment to these compositions. “For now, I will simply mute in-game music and play their boss music in the bg – but it’s not the same!!” shared a frustrated fan.

The community’s call for the addition of boss theme music in Memory of Chaos is more than just a request for aesthetic enhancements; it represents a deeper appreciation for the game’s artistry and a wish to fully immerse themselves in the Honkai: Star Rail universe. Players believe that reusing these themes in repeated battles would not only honor the composers‘ work but also enrich the overall gaming experience.

The desire for thematic elements to persist beyond their first play is echoed across the community, with players expressing that battles feel incomplete without the corresponding boss music. Another player highlights the importance of music in creating a fully immersive experience.

A particular comment about the boss Sam and his theme, “Nevermore,” stands out for its vivid expression of the battle’s intensity: “Sam’s theme (nevermore) is f****** fire and it perfect for when Sam is kicking you in the balls and burning your entire team to death.” This quote encapsulates the players’ desire for music that matches the drama and high stakes of boss encounters.

Amidst the feedback, there’s a collective push for change, with suggestions to formally request this feature through developer surveys. “We should tell them in the surveys to add it,” suggests a proactive player, indicating a community ready to engage directly with developers for this enhancement.

The discussion also reveals a broader appreciation for Honkai: Star Rail’s musical score and its ability to elevate gameplay. As players continue to explore the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, the call for integrating boss theme music in memory of Chaos remains a passionate plea from its dedicated community.

While Honkai: Star Rail has been a success story in the RPG genre, its fans believe there’s room for improvement. By incorporating boss theme music across all gameplay modes, developers can significantly enhance the player experience, making every battle feel epic and memorable.

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