Honkai: Star Rail Fans Have Something ‘Trashy’ To Be Excited About on January 26 1

HoYoverse has something to tell about Honkai: Star Rail’s “Trash King,” in the game’s upcoming 2.0 Special Program.

Fans of Honkai: Star Rail have lovingly considered the Trailblazer a “lover of all trash cans” thanks to a certain quest and interaction in Belobog. Not only do they get a consumable item that recovers four Technique Points for their active team, but also a running joke that the whole community can reference in memes and laugh at. 

Among the dialogue players get during said interactions is the mention of a “Garbage King,” a mysterious scavenger who leaves postcards on Belobog’s trash cans, according to the Honkai: Star Rail wiki. However, the game hasn’t revealed anything about this mysterious figure until now. 

With Honkai: Star Rail’s 2.0 Special Program fast approaching, HoYoverse recently released a trailer teasing the identity and supposed backstory of this so-called Garbage King. The trailer mentioned that “Tatalov” is the name of this mysterious figure and that he is known as the Watchmaker and King of Penacony, the Planet of Festivities. 

True to his Garbage King title, Tatalov manages all the waste in Pecacony; he “uplifts humble trash cans” and “suppresses those that are violent.” However, the trailer mentioned that the arrival of a Stellaron and the start of the “Eternal Freeze” blinded Tatalov.

The Trailblazer, with his affinity for everything trash cans, is then implored in the trailer to “help restore peace to the trash bags” and cast down “that undeserving king,” presumably Tatalov.

Although the trailer didn’t mention if players will tackle Tatalov’s story through an in-game quest or a limited-time event, it did reveal that Tatalov might be controlling Sampo through an unknown manner and that this quest/event may take place in Belobog, as evidenced by the trailer’s featuring of the Robot Settlement and mention of the “Eternal Freeze.”

Honkai: Star Rail fans may want to watch HoYoverse’s Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Special Program on Jan. 26 to know if Tatalov’s story is under a limited-time event, according to the game developer’s announcement on the official Honkai: Star Rail website. The Special Program’s English version will feature the following characters (and their respective voice actors) as its hosts: 

  • Shatana — Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Himeko — Cia Court
  • Firefly — Analesa Fisher
  • Sampo — Roger Rose

Apart from Tatalov’s story, the upcoming Special Program is set to officially reveal Penacony and the release of characters Black Swan and Sparkle as playable five-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail, per Game8. It will also tackle some gameplay and QoL changes, such as updates to the Relic system, the addition of the Orlay Crossroads System to the game, and new Light Cones to the Forgotten Hall. 

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