Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 1

Unleash the full potential of Acheron with this ultimate build guide for Honkai: Star Rail.

This is the Honkai: Star Rail build guide for Acheron, the 5-star Nihility Lightning character from the 2.1 version update. This would include her best light cones, relics, traces, eidolons, and team compositions.

Acheron is a Nihility Lightning character who shines brightly as the main DPS for her team. She’s definitely one of the must-have characters due to her unique technique, which can kill enemies in the overworld, and the insane damage she can deal to them in battle.

Best Light Cones for Acheron

Acheron is one of the best DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail. It’s best to get Light Cones that boost her CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, and overall damage. These are the best 5-star and 4-star Light Cone options that you could equip Acheron with:

Best 5-Star Light Cones

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 2

Along the Passing Shore

There is no doubt that Acheron’s own signature light cone would be the best for her. It increases her CRIT DMG and inflicts Mirage Fizzle when Acheron hits an enemy, which lasts for one turn. Acheron would have an increased DMG to those with Mirage Fizzle and another separate percentage increase to her ultimate damage.

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 3

Incessant Rain

This is Silver Wolf’s signature light cone, but it could also work well with Acheron. It would increase her Effect Hit Rate and increase her CRIT Rate when dealing damage to an enemy with three or more debuffs. Using Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate would implant an Aether Code on a random hit target that doesn’t have it yet. This code would increase the damage received by the enemy that has it.

Best 4-Star Light Cones

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 4

Good Night and Sleep Well

This would be the best 4-star option for Acheron. Her damage would increase for each debuff the target enemy has, which stacks up to three times. This also applies to DoT.

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 5

Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat

This could be another good alternative if you don’t have the Good Night and Sleep Well Light Cone. It allows Acheron to possibly Ensnare enemies (if they aren’t already) when she hits them. Ensnared enemies’ DEF decreases for one turn.

Best Relics for Acheron

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 6

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters

Since Acheron will be played with debuffers, this would be her best Cavern Relic set. The 4-piece Pioneer Diver of Dead Water would increase Acheron’s DMG to debuffed enemies by 12%, her CRIT Rate by 4%, and deals 8%/12% increased CRIT DMG to enemies with 2 or 3 debuffs.

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 7

Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm

The 2-piece Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm are the best planar ornaments for Acheron. This set increases her ATK by 12%. Since she’ll most likely be paired with other Nihility characters, this would increase her CRIT Rate by 12% if there’s one other Nihility character.

These are the ideal main stats for the relics and planar ornaments:

RelicMain Stat
Planar SphereLightning DMG Boost / ATK
Link RopeATK

For Acheron’s sub-stats, it’s best to stack on her Speed, CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate, and lastly, ATK. Of course, you could focus more on the main stats, as it still takes a lot of grinding to get the perfect relics.

Trace Priority for Acheron

For Acheron’s Traces, it’s best to level up her Ultimate first. Then you could move on to her Talent, Skill, and, lastly, her Basic Attack.

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 8


Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 9


Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 10


Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 11

Best Eidolons for Acheron

If you only aim for Acheron’s first Eidolon, I suggest you go for her Signature Light Cone instead. Other than that, these are the best Eidolons to get for Acheron if you’re able to pull for them:

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 12

E2: Mute Thunder in Still Tempest

This Eidolon would decrease the number of required Nihility characters for the Trace “The Abyss” to achieve its highest possible effect. When Acheron’s turn starts, she gains 1 point of Slashed Dream and inflicts 1 stack of Crimson Knot on the enemy with the most Crimson Knot stacks.

Best Acheron Build in Honkai: Star Rail 13

E6: Apocalypse, the Emancipator

You can go all-out and get her 6th Eidolon, which increases the All-Type RES PEN for the Ultimate DMG dealt by Acheron by 20%. Her Basic ATK and Skill DMG would also be considered Ultimate DMG and can reduce enemy toughness regardless of Weakness Types. The Lightning Weakness Break effect occurs when the enemy’s weakness is broken.

Best Team Composition for Acheron

Whether you’re a free-to-play player or those who are lucky or have money to pull for various 5-star characters, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best team compositions for Acheron:

F2P Friendly Team with Acheron

Nihility DoT Team with Acheron

E2 Acheron Team

These are currently the best team set-ups for Acheron. She is best played with two other Nihility characters to maximize her damage.

For the free-to-play-friendly composition, you can swap Guinaifen with Sampo if you don’t have her. You may also opt for other healers instead of Gallagher, such as Huo Huo.

The second team composition would focus on dealing DoT damage on top of Acheron’s. There are also two other Nihility characters present to maximize her damage, as well as a healer to sustain the team.

Lastly, if you have Eidolon 2 for Acheron, you would only need one more Nihility character in the team. This would free up space for more support characters who would boost Acheron’s damage even further, such as Sparkle, Bronya, or Ruan Mei. You could swap out Fu Xuan for other sustain characters or even healers if you’re more comfortable with that.

Acheron is a powerhouse in Honkai: Star Rail when equipped with the right build. You can unleash her full potential by enhancing her ATK, CRIT stats, and overall damage through Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons, and team members. This guide provides a solid foundation, but don’t be afraid to customize and experiment to fit your current roster of characters and available light cones.

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