Acheron voice actress Allegra Clark addresses Honkai: Star Rail casting "controversy" 1

The voice actress of Acheron from Honkai: Star Rail, Allegra Clark, has addressed the controversy around her casting.

Allegra Clark, the voice of many beloved characters, including Mitsuru in Persona 3 Reload, Bloodhound in Apex Legends, Dorothea and Shamir in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Beidou in Genshin Impact, expressed her feelings in a series of tweets this week.

She stated: “Gosh I’m feeling so emotional and grateful this week. Independent of all the warm fuzzies I have from GBF, JJK, and P3R, I’ve also be chatting with the HSR a bunch and they’re so sweet and wonderful. Really making me excited for 2.0’s launch and everyone’s intro to Acheron.”

Subsequent to this tweet, Allegra Clark responded once more: “I know there’s a little bit of controversy about my casting as Acheron and some people are upset, but I hope everyone loves her and my approach to her character. I’m so fond of Acheron, and I can’t wait for you to meet her and eventually play as her (her combat animation is SICK).”

User GiordyS also shared this on Reddit, stating that the voice actress had seemingly been attacked by “fans” as she voiced Acheron instead of Anne Yatco, who is known as Genshin Impact’s Raiden voice actress. They also shared a screenshot of Anne Yatco’s response to the controversy.

There was speculation among HoYoverse players that Anne Yatco was anticipated to voice Acheron, given the pattern of Chinese and Japanese voice actresses voicing the different versions of the character across the games. This seemed to have upset some passionate players and this feedback reached the Acheron voice actress.

Anne Yatco wrote on X: “Here’s a hard truth: none of you know what went on in the casting of the character, and neither do Allegra and I. If it upsets you in any way, find a way to get over it. Allegra is an amazing actress and I can’t wait to hear her in the game. And frankly, the more the merrier.”

The two voice actresses showed strong support towards one another, with Allegra stating that “@annejyatco is a QUEEN and a dear friend of mine” in another reply to her tweet about the controversy.

Fans and supporters were questioning the situation as this did not seem like a controversy to begin with, stating that Allegra was perfect for Acheron.

One fan expressed that having a different voice actress added spice to the character and showed her enthusiasm towards both voice actresses.

Many are excited to see the new character in Honkai: Star Rail. While waiting for the upcoming update, watch Acheron and other characters in Honkai: Star Rail’s TGA Candidacy Video, and make sure to check out more information about Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0!

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