HSR 2.1 delay

Honkai: Star Rail’s update 2.1 has been postponed by two weeks due to the Chinese New Year. Its version is now set for April 5.

The eagerly awaited 2.1 update for Honkai: Star Rail finds itself briefly postponed, as the developers have moved the beta release to February 20, attributing the delay to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

This adjustment not only shifts the timeline for the 2.1 update’s release to April 5, 2024 but also extends the lifespan of the current version 2.0 until April 4. Importantly, this delay sets the stage for the game’s first anniversary celebrations, which will occur during the 2.1 update on April 26.

The extension of version 2.0 and the subsequent push of the 2.1 update into early April not only affects the immediate gameplay experience but also strategically positions the game for its first anniversary celebrations. This planning suggests that the developers are keen to synchronize significant content releases with milestone events, enhancing the overall player experience and engagement.

A player shared on Reddit about the extended timeline:

 This roughly translates to:

The end time of version 2.0 is 2024/3/27 06:00 (version 2.0 will last for 7 weeks)

Players will continue to pay attention to subsequent official announcements and obtain information on various activities.

But after a few days, a leaker updated that the 2.1 Beta was moved again for one week away from its initial date, delaying it again for one week.

The beta has been moved to February 20, which is confirmed by multiple reliable sources. This has led to a shift in the schedule for the game’s 2.1 update considering that 2.1 will be the anniversary update of Honkai: Star Rail.

The 2.1 update is set to introduce new characters, enhancing the game’s narrative and strategic possibilities. Among the anticipated arrivals are the 5 Star Acheron, wielding Thunder element in the Nihility Path, known for her solitary journey through the cosmos.

Honkai: Star Rail update 2.1 release date postponed again 1

Aventurine, a 5 Star Imaginary element Presevation unit, brings his strategic acumen as one of the Ten Stonehearts.

Honkai: Star Rail update 2.1 release date postponed again 2

Gallagher, a 4 Star Fire element Abundance unit, adds a touch of relaxation and strategy as a security officer and mixologist.

Honkai: Star Rail update 2.1 release date postponed again 3

Many players are excited about these new characters, but there were mixed reactions seeing this delay. Some favored the delay as they have more time to save for the characters.

While some are sad as they need to wait a bit longer for their most awaited characters to come.

As the Honkai: Star Rail community adjusts to the new schedule, the excitement for the 2.1 update and its forthcoming anniversary celebration continues to build.

The introduction of new characters and the promise of special anniversary events during the update’s second phase are eagerly anticipated by players, promising a fresh chapter in the game’s evolving universe.

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