Helldivers 2 player obliterates Bile Titan with “badass” bowling technique

Helldivers 2 player obliterates Bile Titan with "badass" bowling technique 1

A Helldivers 2 player found an unconventional way to defeat a Bile Titan with their own bowling technique.

Helldivers 2 is known for its cooperative nature and third-person shooter style. It was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is the sequel to the classic top-down shooter Helldivers.

Since its release in February 2024, it had already dominated the most played rankings on Steam. Many of the players enjoyed its simplicity and it being all fun and violence.

Upon arriving on the planet’s surface in the game, players or “Helldivers” would encounter swarms of various types of enemies that they need to defeat. Players can use their support weapons and stratagems, but more fun ways exist to defeat these enemies.

A Helldiver shared on Reddit their clip where they were being chased by both a Bile Spewer and a Bile Titan. It seemed like impending doom until they shot their railgun at the Bile Spewer, sending them flying toward the Titan. The Bile Spewer effectively spreads its acid on the Titan, killing two birds with one stone.

Many of the players commended the kill clip, with a reply stating that this might have been the most badass way any player of Helldivers 2 would kill a Titan. Another user joked that it’s more like “bowl” Titan as the player killed it with a “strike,” like in bowling.

Another player shared that this might be what the game meant by “unsafe mode,” which is one of the modes for the railgun. One can use unsafe mode by holding down the trigger to deal more devastating shots, but charging for too long would kill you with one explosion.

One player shared that they may have experienced the most badass way to get killed by a Bile Titan. They shot the enemy in the face with an EAT or Expendable Anti-Tank to kill it, but it ended up falling on top of them, effectively killing them with “impact.”

Many players were amazed by the physics integration in the game as everything from weapons to the enemies have mass and velocity. While some enemies have ridiculous stats that make them difficult to deal with, it still adds challenge to the players. Stay tuned for more Helldivers 2 content!

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