Helldivers 2 fans hit back at devs over ‘use what’s fun’ advice as meta weapons rule

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After Helldivers 2 developers told players to simply use whatever weapon they find most enjoyable, frustrated players responded with calls for improved weapon balancing.

Helldivers 2 is a cooperative third-person shoot ’em-up game released in February 2024. It was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game offers simple fun and violence, which is why many of its players love it.

Players of Helldivers 2 would go out on missions and complete objectives on the planet surface they’re sent to. They would require support weapons and stratagems to stand up against the enemies on the planet.

As players rise in difficulty levels, they face deadlier enemies and are bombarded with constant spawning. One would think that players could use whatever support weapons they want because of the game’s straightforward combat mechanics.

A tweet by Pilestedt, Arrowhead’s CEO and Helldivers 2’s Creative Director, stated that the numbers are a guideline but don’t paint the whole picture. They suggested that players should use the one they like most in the game.

This is why a player posted their thoughts on Reddit to “using what players like most.” The player expressed frustration with the balance of weapons in the game, particularly against armored enemies in higher difficulty levels. They criticized the ineffectiveness of many weapons, including the DMR, which struggled against certain enemy types, requiring excessive rounds to secure kills.

Despite the developers’ encouraging gameplay focused on fun and personal preference, the player argues that the limited effective weapon selection forces players into a restrictive meta. This issue is compounded in higher-tier missions, where armored enemies are more prevalent, yet the base game offers limited medium penetration weaponry.

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Another Helldivers 2 player hoped the developers would announce a huge balance patch for the weapons, making all guns usable and viable. In another reply to the post, a player heeded the developers’ advice and felt that the game was borderline unplayable on more difficult levels.

This has been an ongoing issue within the game as players continue to call for weapon balancing. They’ve been constantly restricted from using meta support weapons such as the railgun. Stay tuned for future Helldivers 2 updates!

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