Helldivers 2: All confirmed and rumored new vehicles

Helldivers 2: All confirmed and rumored new vehicles 1

Helldivers 2 leaks have given players a glimpse of new vehicles and mechs that are coming to the game soon.

Helldivers 2, the sequel to the beloved top-down shooter, has quickly captured the gaming community’s attention with its intense cooperative gameplay and strategic depth. As players dive deeper into alien-infested territories, the demand for advanced combat and transportation options grows.

Many of Helldivers 2’s current features, from the ship layout to the stratagems and weapons, were also in its predecessor, Helldivers 1. With rumors of the mechs and vehicles coming to the game, excitement is mounting.

These additions could significantly enhance strategic options and team dynamics, offering fresh ways to tackle the game’s challenging missions.

Confirmed new vehicles and mechs for Helldivers 2

EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits

One of the announced mechs coming to the game is the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits. Three variants of the exosuits were also in the first installment of the game: EXO-44 Walker Exosuit, which had an MG-11 minigun and eight anti-infantry homing missiles, EXO-48 Obsidian Exosuit armed with two twin 20mm autocannons, and the EXO-51 Lumberer Exosuit with a 90mm cannon and a flamer.

Helldivers 2: All confirmed and rumored new vehicles 2

Mech suits like the one in the screenshot have been spawning during missions. It is debated whether cheaters, hackers, or developers are doing this. As stated by a player, the person who spawned the Exosuit said that “they have no HP and they had no ammo counter.”

Rumored new vehicles for Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 leaks have suggested that the following vehicles will be added to Helldivers 2 in the near future.

Armored Buggy

A clip of a Buggy manned by one driver and one gunner equipped with what looks like a machine gun was leaked on Reddit. This vehicle wasn’t in the previous game but might have replaced the MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle.

Vehicles similar to M5 APC and M5-32 HAV

The previous game had vehicles such as the M5 APC and the M5-32 HAV, which house up to four Helldivers. The difference between these two vehicles is that the HAV is more heavily armored, thus called a “Heavy Assault Vehicle.”

Helldivers 2 M5-32 HAV
Helldivers 1 M5-32 HAV

A vehicle with a similar structure to these two is possible since the majority of the content in Helldivers 2 mirrors that of Helldivers 1.

Tank Vehicles like the TD-110 Bastion

Another speculated vehicle would be similar to the Tank Destroyer from Helldivers 1. Unlike the M5 APC and M5-32 HAV, this only requires two people: the gunner and the driver. They must work together to wipe out the enemies effectively.

Helldivers 2: All confirmed and rumored new vehicles 3

As of now, only the mech that allows players to board was officially announced on Helldivers 2’s official X account. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming mechs and vehicles!

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