Hearthstone Shakes Up the Game with New Twist Mode 1

Blizzard Entertainment, the acclaimed developer of the globally popular digital collectible card game Hearthstone, has recently announced a new game mode – Twist.

Starting with patch 26.6, the game will say goodbye to the Classic mode and welcome the new mode that brings with it a fresh and engaging challenge for all Hearthstone players.

What is Twist?

The new Twist mode, unlike any other existing game mode, features regularly rotating seasons each with a unique twist on the rules. These alterations can include curated card pools and special rulesets. The developers aim to bring back player favorites but in an entirely new setting, spicing up the meta, and henceforth the gameplay.

Twist formats are set to change regularly but not necessarily with every season. Moreover, the mode might be deactivated occasionally as Blizzard prepares for the upcoming season. The new game mode is designed to be an evolving, evergreen addition to the game that will provide Hearthstone fans with a fresh and exciting experience every season.

How Will the Twist Beta Function?

Twist is set to launch in its Beta format with Patch 26.6. During the Beta phase, players will climb from the beginning, starting at Bronze 10. The first season of Twist will be a short one, lasting until July 1. Twist’s Beta is planned for June and July. After the Beta, Twist will be temporarily deactivated for a short time while developers prepare for the official Twist launch.

During this Beta phase, the format that will be featured is called “New Age.” The New Age format includes the Core Set and all sets from Ashes of Outland forward, providing a unique set of challenges to the players. It also comes with a special rule: no neutral cards allowed, offering a new way to experience the game.

Twist: A New Challenge to Master

Twist is a unique blend of Standard and Wild expansions, promising a different challenge than what players are used to. Unlike the Classic Mode which couldn’t maintain enough engagement to stay around, Twist is designed to give players a new ladder to climb each season, aiming to revitalize the meta and keep players engaged.

In Twist, Blizzard offers a balanced mix of Standard and Wild modes.

“The synergies are more powerful, the gameplay is faster, and every mana crystal matters, but Twist is without the density of powerful cards you would find in Wild that lead toward more combo-based strategies,” Hearthstone’s lead modes designer Matt London and features lead Chadd Nervig told Game Rant.

One of the challenges Twist introduces is that some players may struggle to build legal decks in certain formats. To tackle this issue, Blizzard will introduce Battle-Ready Decks. These pre-built decks are planned for most Twist formats and will contain cards that tap into strategies available in the rules set. It is a feature that is sure to attract players who may not have comprehensive collections but still want to dive in and explore the Twist format.

Preview Event and Twitch Drops

To give players a taste of Twist, a special preview event is planned that will take place across Twitch on June 22 and June 23. Players will have the chance to see some of their favorite content creators battling it out on the Twist ladder, providing insight into the potential strategies and deck builds in this new format.

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Twist comes as a breath of fresh air to the Hearthstone community, providing a dynamic and evolving challenge that will require players to consistently adapt their strategies and deck compositions. It is a significant departure from Classic mode, which was becoming a little too predictable and stale for most Hearthstone players.

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