Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship

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If you’re aiming to dominate the seas in Skull and Bones, getting your hands on Padewakang is essential.

This guide will walk you through the process of venturing into the seas to craft the ultimate vessel for your adventures. Stick with us to learn how to swiftly navigate your way to becoming the most feared pirate on the high seas of Skull & Bones.

How to Get Padewakang Ship in Skull and Bones

Once you hit the maximum level in the game, you’ll unlock the blueprint for the Padewakang. Navigate to the Codex in your knowledge base, select “Ships,” and then find Padewakang, which is now unlocked in your Codex, and click on ”Track” to start your journey to get the blueprint for Padewakang.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 1
Bombardier Padewakang in Skull & Bones (pablo1713)

The Padewakang blueprint lies far to the East Indies in Telok Penjarah, marking the start of your long journey. Despite the distance, you can embark on this quest using your first ship, the Bedar, and making some necessary adjustments along the way.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 2
Padewakang Blueprint Location (pablo1713)


Before setting sail, customize your Wheel option to ensure a successful voyage. To edit your Wheel option, press “X” and then press “Y” then select which one you will edit.

Edit your ship view, by selecting the lower right option, then select “Cosmetics.” Toggle Crow’s Nest and Far Views for optimal viewing.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 3
Toggle Crow’s Nest and Far View for optimal viewing (pablo1713)

Your inventory should include Grilled Food for Stamina refill, Water for Speed Boosts, and a Repair Kit for emergencies. Collect Water and Food supplies from every island you visit, focusing on easily cooked items like Flour and Coconuts.

Navigate Rogue Waves

As you traverse the ocean, prepare to face rogue waves. Use the Braced position (space bar or RB on your gamepad) to minimize damage. The supplies you’ve gathered will aid in your recovery, allowing you to continue your journey swiftly.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 4
Get in Braced position when going into the rogue waves (pablo1713)

Buy the Blueprint

Upon reaching Telok Penjarah, head to the Shipwright to purchase the Padewakang blueprint. It costs 5,280 Silver, so ensure you have enough before attempting to buy it.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 5
Buy the Padewakang Blueprint at the Shipwright (pablo1713)

With the blueprint in hand, you’ll need to collect specific materials to craft the ship. Some materials can be harvested directly from the map, while others may require a bit of luck to acquire.

Collect Essential Materials

Collect all necessary items, starting from the Northwest outpost for Crude Saltpeter and moving north for Shellac and other materials. Check shipwrecks and settlements for additional resources, ensuring you have everything required for the blueprint.

The materials needed to craft Padewakang are:

  • 18 Ironwood Plank
  • 15 Steel Ingot
  • 15 Fine Ramie
  • 4 Shellac
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter

Craft the Padewakang Ship

With all materials gathered, head back to the Shipwright to build your new vessel, the Padewakang.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Padewakang Ship 6
Head back to the Shipwright to build Padewakang (pablo1713)

This ship is a DPS monster equipped with space for guns and additional furniture items. Customize it with the best weapons and equipment you have, focusing on long guns, culverins, and torpedoes for a balanced and powerful loadout.

Remember to transfer all items from your previous ship to the Padewakang and stock up on ammunition for your weapons. Once fully equipped, your new ship will be a formidable force on the ocean, capable of destroying anything in its path.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Check out pablo1713’s guide on how to get and build Padewakang in Skull & Bones.

With the right strategy and resources, crafting Padewakang ship in Skull & Bones becomes an achievable goal. Enjoy the power and agility of your new vessel as you rule the waves and establish your dominance as the ultimate pirate.

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