Palworld: How to Upgrade Your Base Level 1

Upgrading your base is a key part of progression in Palworld.

It’s not just about making your base look cooler, but also about expanding its functionality. Let me walk you through the process with some handy tips I’ve learned.

The Simple Steps to Upgrading Base Level

1. Accessing the Pal Box: Your journey to upgrading your base starts with the Pal Box, which is essentially the heart of your base. It’s not just for storing your Pals but also the control center for base upgrades.

2. Finding the Missions Tab: When you interact with your Pal Box, look for the ‘Missions’ tab. The key might vary depending on your platform, but it’s generally marked clearly. This is where you’ll find your upgrade path.

Palworld: How to Upgrade Your Base Level 2
Access the Pal Box and look for the “Missions” tab (ConCon)

3. Completing Listed Objectives: In the Missions tab, you’ll see a list of objectives required for the base upgrade. These could range from constructing certain buildings like a hot spring or a primitive furnace, to creating a berry plantation. Keep in mind, completing these objectives is crucial for upgrading.

4. Upgrading the Base: Once you’ve ticked off all the objectives, the base upgrade is usually free of cost. Click on the ‘Base Upgrade’ option and voila! Your base will level up.

Palworld: How to Upgrade Your Base Level 3
Complete the missions to upgrade your base level in Palworld (ConCon)

5. New Objectives and Benefits: With each upgrade, you’ll get a new set of objectives, guiding you through what to focus on next in the game. Upgrading also increases the maximum number of Pals that can work at your base, which is a significant bonus.

6. Managing Your Pals: Post-upgrade, head to the pal box management section. Here, you can assign more Pals to work at your base. This helps in automating more tasks and making your base more efficient.

Video Guide

For a helpful video tutorial on how to upgrade your base level in Palworld, be sure to check out ConCon’s video below.

Upgrading your base in Palworld is straightforward once you understand the steps. It’s all about completing specific tasks and then reaping the benefits of a more capable and larger base. Remember, a well-upgraded base is a key to success in Palworld!

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