One Punch Man: World: Reroll Guide 1

Embarking on your journey in One Punch Man: World with the strongest characters can set you up for success.

This reroll guide will ensure you start with a bang, leveraging the best techniques and insights. Remember, the key is patience and persistence.

One Punch Man: World: Reroll Guide

Note that you are not forced to reroll, do this only if you want to min-max your account and you plan to play this game long term. What’s important is to enjoy the game and play how you want.

One Punch Man: World: Reroll Guide 2

1. Installation and Setup

Install the game on your preferred device. If you’re on PC, an emulator like BlueStacks is recommended for its flexibility with guest accounts, which is crucial for rerolling. You cannot make guest accounts on the PC version; thus, it is recommended to reroll on the Mobile version of the game.

2. Complete the Tutorial

Play through the tutorial until you unlock the mail and summoning system, which happens after clearing Stage 1-2. This process can take approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how efficiently you complete the battles and navigate the menus. You can also choose to just skip all cutscenes and dialogues to shorten the process.

3. Collect Rewards

Head to your in-game mailbox and “Claim All” to gather your initial batch of summons. Don’t forget to check other sections like Achievements or Challenge Progress in the Story for additional rewards that can boost your summoning resources.

4. Perform Summons

Navigate to the Character Draw. Click on that and you’ll find yourself in the Character Draw Page. Focus on the Regular Draw banner that allows you to use the free currency (World Silver) for your rerolls. Initially, you’ll have around 25 pulls.

One Punch Man: World: Reroll Guide 3
One Punch Man: World Regular Draw (Pika Gaming)

5. Evaluate Your Pulls

The ideal outcome is securing an SSR character from your initial summons. With a 0.3% chance for SSR characters, this might take several attempts. Aim for any SSR to get a strong start, but you might have personal favorites based on character preferences or gameplay style.

6. Reroll Account

If you’re not satisfied with your summons, it’s time to reroll. On emulators or mobile devices, go to the game’s settings and look for the option to start a new guest account. Confirm your choice, and you’ll be set to start fresh.

Important: Use a placeholder name during your rerolls to save your preferred username for when you land your ideal characters.

7. Repeat the Process

Dive back into the tutorial and repeat the process until you’re happy with your summons. Patience is key here, as rerolling can be time-consuming but ultimately rewarding.

Tips for Effective Rerolling

Time Management: Rerolling can be a grind. Try to streamline the process by multitasking or rerolling on multiple devices if you’re committed to securing the best start. Skip every cutscene and dialogue as this will help in making rerolling faster.

Character Prioritization: While any SSR character will give you a solid start, having a shortlist of preferred characters can make the rerolling process more goal-oriented and satisfying.

Resource Allocation: Use your rerolling phase to experiment with resource allocation, but once you’re past rerolling, be strategic about how you spend your premium currency.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Visit Volkin Journey’s video about how to reroll in One Punch Man: World.

Rerolling in One Punch Man: World is a strategic way to ensure a powerful start to your game. By following this guide, you’ll maximize your chances of securing a top-tier character right out of the gate. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the game, so focus on characters you’re excited to play with.

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