Palworld: How to Farm High-Level Alpha Pals in Dungeons 1

Are you looking to snag some high-level Alpha Pals in Palworld?

Here’s a clever trick (or a possible glitch) that will help you farm high-level Pals, specifically Alpha Pals, in dungeons. This method allows you to essentially “choose” your dungeon boss to get the exact Pal you want. Let’s dive into the details of how you can use this trick to your advantage.

Steps to Farm High-Level Pals in Dungeons

Exploring Dungeons for Alpha Pals

  • Dungeons in Palworld are your go-to spots for encountering Alpha Pals, also known as bosses. These are more powerful variants of regular Pals and can be a game-changer for your adventures.
  • As you explore various dungeons, keep an eye out for these Alpha Pals. They’re not only stronger with more health, but they also bring unique abilities to the table​​.

Switching Dungeon Bosses

  • If you’re not satisfied with the boss you encounter in a dungeon, there’s a neat trick to switch it out. Simply exit the dungeon and re-enter. This should change the boss, giving you a chance to encounter a different Alpha Pal.
  • Keep in mind that dungeons might have a pool of certain Pals, so you might encounter repeats. However, persistence pays off, as you can eventually find a rare or more powerful Pal.
Palworld: How to Farm High-Level Alpha Pals in Dungeons 2
Simply peek around the corner to see what Pal is waiting for you inside (ConCon)

Capturing Alpha Pals

  • Once you find an Alpha Pal you like, it’s time to capture it. Make sure to weaken it first but be careful not to defeat it. Use your Pal Spheres wisely for a successful capture.

Tips for Effective High-Level Pal Farming

  1. Preparation is Key: Before heading into a dungeon, ensure you’re well-equipped with the necessary gear and Pal Spheres.
  2. Choose the Right Pals: Bring Pals that complement your fighting style and can withstand the dungeon challenges.
  3. Be Patient: Sometimes you might have to cycle through the dungeon bosses multiple times to find the Alpha Pal you’re seeking.
  4. Know Your Limits: Some dungeons can be more challenging than others. Don’t push too hard and risk losing your Pals or gear.
  5. Use the Environment: Dungeons can have environmental factors that can be used to your advantage during battles.

Video Guide

Learn all about this trick to get any Alpha Pal by watching WiLLiSGaming’s comprehensive video guide below.

This trick for farming high-level Pals in Palworld’s dungeons offers a unique way to selectively add powerful Alphas to your team. By controlling which boss appears, you can effectively farm for the exact Pal you need, be it for battling, crafting, or exploring.

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