Helldivers 2: How to efficiently upgrade weapons, stratagems, & ship module

Helldivers 2 war

Are you looking to fight more aliens for democracy in Helldivers 2? Get yourself equipped and upgraded without wasting too many resources!

Helldivers 2 is all about shooting and defeating enemies, which makes your weapons and stratagems all the more important. This guide will help you efficiently select weapons and stratagems, along with your ship module, to ensure you obliterate the aliens.

How to upgrade efficiently in Helldivers 2

Before upgrading, players should know what is used to purchase the weapons, stratagems, and ship module upgrades. For both the support weapons and stratagems, players would use the Requisition slips. Meanwhile, ship module upgrades require Green Samples.

To unlock support weapons and stratagems, players should go to the ship management to access the menu.

Helldivers 2: How to efficiently upgrade weapons, stratagems, & ship module 1
Ship management in Helldivers 2 (Crazymrpipz)

Under the “Stratagems” in the ship management menu, they can see the support weapons under “Patriotic Administration Center.” Other stratagem trees are Orbital Cannons, Hangar, Bridge, Engineering Bay, and Robotics Workshop. Ship module upgrades also have the same categories as the stratagems.

To effectively and efficiently upgrade your weapons and stratagems, you should look into the corresponding ship module.

For example, you’d want to focus on upgrading your support weapons. You may choose to buy an Anti-Material Rifle or other support weapons, then head to the Ship Module menu.

Helldivers 2: How to efficiently upgrade weapons, stratagems, & ship module 2
Ship Module menu in ship management (Crazymrpipz)

You may then unlock the “Donation Access License” with 60 Science Samples, which would increase the number of magazines that are included with the support weapons. Continue to unlock another “Patriotic Administration Center” upgrade, which is the “Streamlined Request Process,” which brings support weapons a 10% decreased cooldown on your Stratagems.

If you wish to focus on other Stratagems, such as the Hangar (Eagle), then you should prioritize unlocking the “Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit” which reduces the Eagle stratagem cooldown by 50%, “Pit Crew Hazard Pay” reduces Eagle rearm time by 20%, and “Expanded Weapons Bay” which increases the number of Eagle stratagem used by 1 per rearm.

Helldivers 2: How to efficiently upgrade weapons, stratagems, & ship module 3
Affected Stratagems (Crazymrpipz)

When you click on an upgrade, you may simply look at the “Affected Stratagems” section located at the lower right to see which Stratagems would benefit from it. This would prevent you from unlocking ship modules that wouldn’t give your current set-up any boosts.

Video Guide

Looking for a video guide? Tune in with Crazymrpipz as he explains how to upgrade your support weapons, stratagems, and ship modules efficiently.

Having knowledge of the upgrade system within the Ship Management would help you pick out the best unlocks in Helldivers 2, ensuring that you don’t waste your Requisition slips and Green samples! We also have listed down the best weapons and stratagems that would help you as you serve democracy!

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