Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024)

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 1

Are you wondering which Nikke will give you a competitive edge? Well, you’re in luck because our comprehensive NIKKE tier list is precisely what you need to make those game-changing decisions.

Whether you’re facing off against formidable bosses or clashing with rivals in PvP, knowing where each character stands can turn the tide in your favor. Our Nikke Tier List reflects overall performance and considers each Nikke’s power in Story, Bosses, and PvP to form a comprehensive Tier List.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character is key to dominating in PvE, PvP, and boss battles. If you’d like to learn more about each Nikke’s performance in different game modes, you can find detailed descriptions further down this page. Let’s dive into our NIKKE tier list and help you craft a team that’s as unstoppable as it is strategic.

Updated on April 8, 2024: We’ve added Emelia and Ram to our Nikke Tier List for April. Emelia slots into our SS tier after proving to be a strong Nikke across all formats. Ram, however, has been relatively underwhelming, and we’ve placed her in the C tier after initial testing.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List (March 2024)

SSSRed Hood, Blanc, Noir, Scarlet, Tia, Alice, Liter, Scarlet: Black Shadow, Modernia, Naga
SSPrivaty, Maxwell, Rapunzel, D: Killer Wife, Snow White, Dorothy, Scarlet, Ludmilla: Winter Owner, Naga, Emilia, Tia, Anis: Sparkling Summer, Blanc, Centi, Jackal, Modernia, Noir
SSnow White, Pepper, Elegg, Marciana, 2B, Biscuit, Dolla, Helm: Aquamarine, Jackal, Helm, Volume, Harran, Privaty: Unkind Maid, Noah
AMary: Bay Goddess, Poli, Drake, Diesel, Laplace, Power, Rupee, Moran, Ludmilla, Admi, Guilty, Miranda, Anne: Miracle Fairy, Anis, Guillotine, Nero, Quency, Makima, Mast, N102
BNovel, Folkwang, Tove, Viper, Snow White: Innocent Days, Sugar, Maiden, Nihilister, Vesti, Sakura, Quiry, Yulha, Sin, Emma, Mary, Leona, Rei, Rupee: Winter Shopper, Yan, Pascal, Yuni, Soda, Brid, Epinel
CFrima, Neon, Mica: Snow Buddy, Aria, Ade, Neve, Milk, Exia, Isabel, Rosanna, Cocoa, D, Ram, Himeno, Delta
DAnchor, Belorta, Mica, Neon: Blue Ocean, Rapi, Soline, Signal, Eunhwa, Crow, Julia, Ether, Mihara
FiDoll Flower, Product 12, Soldier EG, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun, Product 08, Product 23, Soldier FA, Soldier OW

Best Nikkes Ranked: SSS Tier

When crafting your team in Goddess of Victory, you’ll want the formidable firepower of SSS Tier characters. These remarkable heroes excel in their respective roles, whether it’s attacking, defending, or providing support. SSS Tier characters are game-changers, and here are a few who could make a significant difference in your squad:

Red Hood

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 2

Meet Red Hood, the undisputed queen of the Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List, reigning supreme in the SSS Tier.

This sniper rifle-wielding powerhouse from the Iron element not only captivates with her bold red aesthetics but also devastates with her unmatched prowess on the battlefield. Red Hood’s ascendancy to the top isn’t just about her looks; it’s her unparalleled versatility and damage output that make her a nightmare for opponents across all game modes.

Her ranking as the best Nikke isn’t a fluke. Post-buff, Red Hood has shown incredible performance, excelling in story mode, boss battles, and holding her own in PvP with an SS tier performance. Her skill set allows for an exceptional burst damage output, making her a top choice for pushing through campaign levels, solar raids, and Union raids, among others. Her ability to adapt as a burst attacker or a formidable DPS unit across various scenarios is what sets her apart. She shines against any boss, whether they come with adds, solo, bosses with parts, or cores, showcasing her adaptability and strength in every encounter.

Despite her strengths, Red Hood’s burst skill cooldown could be seen as a downside, yet her overall utility and damage output far outweigh this minor setback. Her performance is not heavily dependent on skill investment, making her accessible for players at different stages of the game. Whether you’re navigating through campaign levels or tackling challenging raids, Red Hood’s presence in your squad ensures a significant boost in firepower and versatility.

Her recent buff has solidified her position as a low-maintenance yet highly effective unit, akin to an “Iron Cat Alice” but with her unique flair. For players, both new and veterans, incorporating Red Hood into your lineup means not just adding a powerful attacker but embracing a game-changer capable of carrying you through the toughest challenges Goddess of Victory: Nikke has to offer.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 3

Blanc shines as a top-tier contender in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, securing her place near the zenith of our SSS Tier List, just a notch below Red Hood.

As an SSR rarity Burst 2 character from the Defender class, wielding an Assault Rifle and representing the Wind element, her versatility is unmatched. Blanc, a member of the Tetra Tetra faction, is not just any character; she’s a game-changer, especially when paired with her sister, Noir. Her ability to shield allies, heal, and debuff enemies positions her as a crucial asset across various game modes.

Why is Blanc so formidable? Her unique skill set allows her to protect the entire team with a single shield, heal allies significantly, and enhance the team’s survivability against bosses and in PvP arenas. However, it’s her synergy with Noir that elevates her from great to indispensable, slashing her Burst cooldown dramatically and enabling frequent, powerful skill activations. This dynamic duo makes Blanc an unparalleled force in both offense and defense.

Despite her strengths, Blanc does have a caveat. Without Noir, her potential isn’t fully realized, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. Yet, even on her own, Blanc’s ability to shield and heal makes her a valuable team member, particularly in story mode and against bosses.

In summary, Blanc’s ranking in the SSS tier is well-deserved. She excels in providing team support, healing, and enemy debuffing, with her performance reaching peak levels when paired with Noir. Whether you’re navigating the campaign or facing off in the Arena, Blanc’s diverse capabilities make her a key player in any squad.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 4

In Goddess of Victory: Nikke, Noir stands tall and proud near the zenith of our SSS Tier List, shoulder to shoulder with her sister Blanc.

As a Burst III Attacker wielding a shotgun and hailing from the Wind element, Noir brings a storm of buffs and firepower to any squad she’s part of. Her ability to share a significant portion of her ATK with allies, as long as her HP stays above 70%, transforms her into a crucial backbone for any team composition, elevating the overall damage output to staggering heights.

But what truly sets Noir apart, earning her a coveted spot in the SSS tier, isn’t just her synergy with Blanc or her formidable solo performance; it’s her versatile skill set that amplifies her allies’ capabilities. The mag size increase and instant reload she offers can turn already powerful characters into relentless damage-dealing machines. Imagine a scenario where characters like Alice or Scarlet hardly ever need to pause for reloads, unleashing uninterrupted havoc on the battlefield. That’s the kind of game-changing support Noir brings to the table.

Despite being a powerhouse, Noir’s ultimate might not dazzle as the strongest part of her kit, yet it’s still a force to be reckoned with, especially when combined with Blanc. This duo’s ability to buff shotgun allies—and, under the right conditions, all allies—makes them indispensable for boss battles and PvP alike.

Noir’s adaptability and her knack for significantly boosting her team’s damage output without any real drawbacks make her an essential asset across all game modes. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous story mode, challenging bosses, or competing in PvP, Noir’s presence ensures your team not only survives but thrives, solidifying her as one of the best Nikkes in the game.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 5

Scarlet is a powerhouse in the world of Goddess of Victory: Nikke and a true SSS tier champion.

As a SSR rarity Burst III character, Scarlet wields an assault rifle with an electric edge, but don’t let her weapon fool you—she’s as deadly up close as she is from afar, thanks to her swordsmanship.

What catapults Scarlet into the elite SSS tier, especially above her counterparts Red Hood, Blanc, and Noir, is her unmatched dominance in PvP arenas. Known affectionately as the “queen of Arena,” she has the unique ability to obliterate entire teams with her burst damage capabilities.

Scarlet shines because of her skill set that scales with risk; her power spikes as her HP drops, rewarding daring gameplay with devastating attacks. However, it’s essential to note her reload time is on the longer side, which means strategizing with allies to mitigate this weakness is key.

Despite this, her strengths far outweigh her limitations, making her an essential pick for those looking to excel in PvP battles. While she might not top the charts in raid damage without the arena context, her performance in story and PvP modes is unparalleled, earning her a well-deserved spot at the pinnacle of our Nikke Tier List.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 6

Tia stands tall among the very best Nikkes in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Ranking in the prestigious SSS tier, Tia is a marvel in story and boss fight modes, showcasing why she’s an indispensable asset to your squad. While she might not have the PvP prowess of Scarlet or Noir, her performance elsewhere is nothing short of spectacular.

Tia, a SSR rarity Burst I character from the Defender class, wields a rocket launcher with finesse, belonging to the Iron element and the Missilis faction. Her skill set is a buffet of defensive and offensive capabilities, making her a bulwark against enemy onslaughts while boosting her team’s attack damage significantly. Tia’s unique ability to provide a rare attack damage buff, alongside her self-sustaining and shielding capabilities, sets her apart as a top-tier Nikke.

Her placement in the SSS tier is warranted by her exceptional performance in story missions and boss fights, where her combination of shields, taunts, and attack buffs can turn the tide of battle.

However, her reliance on constant taunting and the need for specific pairings, like Naga, to optimize her potential, present a strategic challenge. Despite these nuances, Tia’s contributions to team survivability and damage output make her a standout choice for those looking to conquer the most challenging content Goddess of Victory: Nikke has to offer.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 7

Alice, with her flair for the fantastical and a sharpshooter’s precision, earns her spot among the elite in Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s SSS tier.

As a Burst III SSR rarity Attacker, wielding a sniper rifle with fiery finesse, Alice stands out for her versatility across all game modes, making her a go-to for any player aiming for the top.

Why does Alice rank so high? It’s her unique blend of penetrating attacks and self-sustenance. Her ability to deal massive damage to bosses by hitting multiple parts simultaneously, thanks to her penetration skill, positions her as an unparalleled boss killer. This skill, however, is conditional on her staying above 80% health, emphasizing the importance of pairing her with a healer or utilizing her self-healing capabilities to maintain her damage output.

Alice’s performance isn’t just about raw power; it’s about strategic play. Her self-buffs transform her into a significant threat on the battlefield, allowing her to adapt and overcome the limitations of her sniper rifle.

However, she requires a considerable investment to unlock her full potential, particularly in boss fights where her skills can truly shine. While she may struggle in non-boss stages if enemies are spread out, in the right hands, Alice can dominate across the board, from story mode to PvP, making her one of the best Nikkes you could have in your squad.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 8

Liter is a force to be reckoned with and a shining SSS-tier Nikke in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

As the leader of Mighty Tools, Liter’s unparalleled expertise in construction translates into her being the ultimate supporter on the battlefield. Her SSR rarity and Burst I classification only scratch the surface of her capabilities, wielding an SMG with the precision and grace expected of someone in the Iron element and part of the Missilis faction.

Why does Liter secure such a high ranking? It boils down to her unmatched support abilities. Liter boosts her allies’ performance significantly, offering cooldown reductions on Burst Skills, increased max ammunition capacity, critical damage, and ATK buffs.

This arsenal of buffs makes her indispensable in maximizing team damage output and skill usage efficiency. Her Burst skill, Double Boost, further amplifies this by providing a substantial ATK increase to all allies, crucial for tipping the scales in tough battles.

While Liter’s prowess shines brightest in solo game modes like story and boss fights, her contribution to PvP shouldn’t be underestimated, despite not being as dominant as her peers in this arena. The depth of her skill set allows for strategic gameplay, ensuring that any team she’s part of has a formidable advantage.

Her ability to repair covers and provide huge attack bonuses underscores her role as a versatile and vital component of any squad, making her one of the best Burst I options and a top-tier supporter in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Scarlet: Black Shadow

Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 9

Scarlet: Black Shadow, a name that resonates with power and mystery, rightfully claims her spot in the SSS-tier echelons of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

As the past version of Scarlet, she brings a unique blend of raw damage output and versatility to the table, armed with a rocket launcher and the prowess of the Wind element. Her affiliation with the Pilgrim faction hints at her deep-rooted skills and lore significance, setting her apart as a formidable force in story and boss game modes.

Why is Scarlet: Black Shadow ranked so highly? It’s her ability to deal massive damage with minimal support, making her an asset in virtually any team composition. Even at low investment levels, her damage potential is astounding, rivaling that of top-tier units like Red Hood. Her skill set allows for distributed damage across multiple enemies, making her particularly effective against bosses with multiple parts or those that spawn additional units.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. While she shines in story and boss fights, her performance in PvP is slightly overshadowed by her counterparts, placing her on the lower end of the SSS tier. Despite this, her versatility and damage output cannot be overstated, making her a must-have for players focusing on PvE content.

Scarlet: Black Shadow’s visual design and backstory add layers to her character, making her not just a powerful unit but a memorable part of the Nikke roster. Her ability to excel in almost every situation without the need for specific supports solidifies her position as a top-tier choice for commanders looking to tackle the game’s challenges head-on.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 10

Modernia carves out her niche in the top-tier SSS category of Goddess of Victory: Nikke, distinguishing herself as a powerhouse in story and boss encounters.

Despite landing on the lower spectrum of the SSS echelon, she undeniably shines as a top 10 character, especially noted for her unparalleled DPS capabilities in campaign progression. While PvP might not be her strongest suit, it hardly dims her brilliance for the majority of players focused on PvE content.

As a Burst III attacker wielding a minigun, Modernia’s fire element mastery and affiliation with the Pilgrim faction underscore her role as a relentless force against the game’s manifold threats. Her skill set, notably the High-Speed Evolution and Giant Leap, enhances her already formidable DPS by boosting critical damage and hit rate, respectively, while New World offers a strategic advantage with unlimited ammunition, showcasing her as an essential asset in extended battles.

Her remarkable ability to deal distributed damage across swarms of enemies makes her a pivotal character in clearing dense story stages and managing boss encounters efficiently.

However, her reliance on specific conditions to maximize DPS, such as maintaining high hit rates and skill investments, presents a nuanced challenge to fully leveraging her potential.

Despite these considerations, Modernia’s impact in story progression and boss fights secures her a coveted spot in the SSS tier, marking her as a must-have for commanders aiming to dominate Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s PvE landscape.


Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List: Best Nikkes Ranked & Explained (April 2024) 11

Naga secures her position as a SSS-tier marvel in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, ranking as the 10th best Nikke in the game.

This exceptional Nikke from the Supporter class, wielding a shotgun and channeling the Electric element, stands as a testament to her strength in story and boss game modes. Her role within the Missilis faction as the spiritual glue of the Dazzling Pearl squad highlights her supportive prowess and sibling-like care for Tia, enhancing her narrative appeal.

Why is Naga considered among the very best, especially outside of PvP? Her skills are a game-changer. Naga excels in providing substantial buffs to her allies, including significant HP and cover heals, along with a unique buff that enhances damage dealt when attacking cores.

This makes her indispensable in PvE content, where her abilities to boost the team’s survivability and damage output shine brightest. Coupled with her capability to significantly enhance core damage, Naga proves to be a powerhouse in enhancing team performance against formidable foes.

However, her reliance on shielder Nikkes to unlock the full potential of her skills and her less than stellar performance in PvP mark her limitations. Despite these challenges, Naga’s value in story missions and boss fights, where her buffs and healing abilities can turn the tide of battle, cannot be overstated.

She may require a strategic approach to maximize her effectiveness, but her contribution to any PvE-focused team is undeniable, making her a coveted ally in the quest to overcome Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s most challenging adversaries.

Understanding our Goddess of Victory Nikke Tier List

Dive into the nuances of our Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list, which is a crucial tool for both newcomers and veterans alike. The tier list ranks over 110 unique characters, referred to as ‘Nikke’, based on their combat effectiveness, skills synergy, and overall impact on gameplay. By leveraging this list, you’re equipped to make informed decisions on who to prioritize in your squad, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in both story mode and competitive PvP battles.

Characters placed in the SSS Tier are labeled as must-have due to their overwhelming power and game-altering abilities. They are not just powerful but also possess skills that complement one another, leading to unparalleled strategies and team compositions. SS and S Tier characters are strong contenders, skillful in their own right, and can often turn the tide of battle. Your understanding of these rankings can greatly enhance team performance and give you the upper hand.

Below the apex, characters in the A, B and C Tiers may not be the crème de la crème, but they harbor potential and can shine in the right setups. A and B Tier characters have unique abilities that, when woven into your strategy, can be game changers. C Tier characters, though below average, can be potent in niche scenarios, urging you not to overlook them entirely.

Keep in mind, the tier list is a fluid guide that evolves with the game’s meta. Hence, staying updated with the latest list, released consistently, is vital for maintaining an edge in the competitive landscape of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

As the meta of Goddess of Victory: Nikke shifts, so too might their place in the hierarchies, underscoring the importance of agility in your strategic thinking.

What is a tier list?

When you’re engrossed in the fast-paced world of Goddess of Victory Nikke, staying ahead of the curve means knowing which characters give you the best chance of victory. That’s where a tier list steps in.

A tier list is a ranking system designed to help players like you make informed decisions about character selection based on various performance indicators. It categorizes characters into groups—often labeled from ‘S’ for superior to ‘C’ for below average—taking into account their abilities, combat effectiveness, and potential synergy with other characters.

Understanding the Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list can significantly influence your gameplay strategy. SSS Tier characters, for example, often have game-changing skills that can alter the dynamics of a battle in your favor. Knowing which characters are at this elite level lets you prioritize whom to upgrade and deploy in both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) modes.

However, it’s not just about the top-tier characters. The tiers below, while not shining as bright as the S Tier options, have characters that still possess unique abilities and potential. A B Tier character, set in the right team, can outperform an A Tier character if utilized strategically. Regular updates to the Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list reflect the game’s evolving meta, ensuring you’re always aware of each character’s standing as new updates and balances are introduced.

The tier list is more than just a snapshot of who’s powerful right now. It’s a dynamic guide that can help you anticipate future trends and shifts within the game. With over 80 characters to choose from, analyzing the tier list is crucial to maximizing the efficacy of your squad and maintaining an edge in the competitive landscape of Goddess of Victory Nikke.

We hope our Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list guide has been helpful! We’re constantly re-visiting this page to ensure it’s as accurate as possible.

Got feedback? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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