Palworld: How to Get a Flying Pal to Fly 1

Ready to take to the skies? Flying Pals are one of the coolest aspects of Palworld, offering you the chance to soar above the landscape and enjoy breathtaking views.

Let’s break down how you can catch and ride your very first flying Pal.

How to Catch a Flying Pal in Palworld

1. Finding Your Pal: The Nitewing is a great example of a flying Pal. These creatures are commonly found around the Plateau of Beginnings, past the Mammorest area, near the Chillet boss area, and around the Fort Ruins.

Palworld: How to Get a Flying Pal to Fly 2
Find and catch a Nightwing around the Fort Ruins (ConCon)

2. Getting Their Attention: To catch a flying Pal like Nitewing, you’ll need a bow and arrow. Shoot at the Nitewing to aggro it and bring it down to the ground.

3. Capturing Techniques: Weaken the Nitewing without killing it, then capture it using your Pal Sphere. Be careful not to deal too much damage!

Palworld: How to Get a Flying Pal to Fly 3
Attacking the Nitewing will bring it closer to the ground (ConCon)

How to Craft a Saddle for Your Flying Pal

1. Level Requirements: To ride a Nitewing, you need to reach level 15, which unlocks the Nitewing saddle in your crafting options.

2. Gathering Materials: Crafting a Nitewing saddle can be resource-intensive. Ensure you have gathered all the required materials, which can include some unique items.

Palworld: How to Get a Flying Pal to Fly 4
Here’s what you need to craft a Nitewing Saddle in Palworld (ConCon)

3. Crafting Process: Head over to your Pal Gear Workbench, identifiable by its pink tablecloth. Select the Nitewing saddle recipe and start crafting.

4. Completing the Saddle: The crafting process might take some time, but patience is key. Once done, the saddle will be added to your key items, not your regular inventory.

How to Ride Your Flying Pal

Palworld: How to Get a Flying Pal to Fly 5

1. Summon Your Pal: With the saddle crafted, summon your Nitewing by pressing ‘E’ (on PC)

2. Mounting Up: Hold ‘F’ to mount your Nitewing. You’re now ready for flight!

3. Controlling the Flight: Use ‘Space’ to fly up and the control key (or your rolling/dashing key) to descend. Enjoy your newfound freedom and the incredible views from above!

Tips for a Successful Flight

  • Explore for More Flying Pals: Different flying Pals can be found across Palworld, each with unique flying abilities.
  • Keep an Eye on Stamina: Monitor your Pal’s stamina to ensure you don’t run out mid-flight.
  • Use Flight Strategically: Flying Pals are great for exploring new areas, escaping danger, and enjoying the scenery.

Video Guide

Learn how to get a Flying Pal and Fly in Palworld by checking out ConCon’s comprehensive video guide below.

Getting your first flying Pal in Palworld is an unforgettable experience. From crafting the saddle to taking your first flight, it’s a journey filled with excitement and discovery. Enjoy the skies and explore Palworld from a whole new perspective!

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