Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 1

In Enshrouded, a game teeming with secrets and treasures, Obsidian stands out as a particularly elusive resource.

This guide will help you locate and acquire Obsidian, a rare mineral pivotal for crafting advanced items and equipment. If you’re on a quest to uncover the hidden gems of Enshrouded, including the intricacies of finding Obsidian, you’re in the right place.

Where to Get Obsidian in Enshrouded

Obsidian is scattered across the realm in sparse, hidden locations. Finding it is challenging as it is rarer than most resources in the game but our guide will walk you through the steps.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 2
Obsidian is a rare resource (04AM)

How to Mine Obsidian

Mining Obsidian demands a blend of patience and strategy. Arm yourself with an Iron Pickaxe and anticipate a laborious process, where each swing brings you closer to your valuable target.

Enhancing your mining efficiency is crucial; talents such as Quality Gear, The Mason, and The Miner can significantly aid in this endeavor by reducing tool wear, increasing damage against stone, and providing a chance for additional resources.

Mining Obsidian is a laborious process, requiring possibly 7 to 10 swings, without talents, with an Iron Pickaxe for each piece of Obsidian Ore. In such cases, you might expect to extract around 9 to 10 pieces of Obsidian from a single deposit before it’s depleted, depending on the size of the deposit.

Best Locations for Obsidian

The quest for Obsidian begins in the Mining Rift, located in the northwestern expanse of the Nomad Highlands. This area, positioned west of the Ancient Spire – Nomad highlands Fast Travel and north of the Pillars of Creation, serves as the entryway to your Obsidian mining expedition. Prepare to face a variety of challenges, including critters and puzzles that guard the secrets of the land.

Ancient Spire – Nomad Highlands Vicinity: Venture east of the Shroud Root and northeast of the Mining Rift. Here, a secluded spot marked by an archway and large mushrooms hides Obsidian waiting to be mined.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 3
Obsidian location is east of Shroud Root (04AM)

Go around the large mushrooms until you see the arch.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 4
Arch that has Obsidian Ore (04AM)

You will see the Obsidian Ore just below the arch.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 5

Nomad Highlands’ Hunter Cave: Another bountiful location lies near a Hunter’s Cave in the Nomad Highlands area. From the Nomad Highlands Fast Travel, glide to the east Your target is a mountainous area that’s easily identifiable on your map. This route leads you towards the Hunter Cave.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 6
Hunter’s Cave (04AM)

Note that the Obsidian Ore here is not visible immediately. You will need to keep mining until you see the deposit. This deposit is significantly larger, offering ample Obsidian for your crafting needs.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 7
Keep mining until you see Obsidian (04AM)

North of the Flame Shrine: A similar setup to previous sites, this location features a cart, barrel, and chest, indicating the presence of Obsidian. Situated above the Flame Shrine, it’s another hotspot for mining this rare mineral.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 8
Location of Obsidian deposit (04AM)

Find this arch which also has a chest that you can get, there should be a visible Obsidian deposit that you can mine.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Obsidian 9
Obsidian deposit near the Flame Shrine (04AM)

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Check out 04AM’s video about the best locations for Obsidian Ore in Enshrouded.

Mastering the search for Obsidian in Enshrouded not only elevates your status as an explorer but also unlocks new avenues in crafting, allowing you to create powerful items and gear. Armed with the knowledge from this guide, you’re ready to embark on your quest for Obsidian, uncovering the hidden depths of Enshrouded’s rich and mystical world.

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