Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 1

Welcome to your go-to guide for mastering the art of Metal Scrap farming in Enshrouded. 

Whether you’re looking to craft, upgrade, or stock up, this guide has all the tips and tricks you need to accumulate a large amount of Metal Scrap. Let’s dive into the details of where to find Metal Scraps!

Where to Find Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal Scraps are a crucial resource in Enshrouded for crafting, upgrading, and trading. It can be found in various locations across the game.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 2
Metal Scraps in Enshrouded (Fusion Thunder)

Best Locations for Metal Scraps

Metal Scraps can be found primarily on:

Containers around Points of Interest: Scattered throughout the game, containers are a reliable source of scrap metal. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore.

Scavenger Camps: These are gold mines for scrap metal farming. The guide highlights a particular Scavenger Camp near Rookmore, easily accessible via Fast Travel.

Destroying Bins and Containers

Location: Spread throughout Enshrouded, especially in compounds like Longkeep or Rookmore.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 3
Longkeep Metal Scrap Farm location (Fusion Thunder)
Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 4
Rookmore Metal Scrap Farm location (Fusion Thunder)

Look for small bins or containers in these areas. Destroying these bins can yield metal scraps along with other resources. The drops are random, but you can find what you need by targeting these objects.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 5
Find these small containers for a chance to get Metal Scraps (Fusion Thunder)

Defeating Scavengers

Location: Encountered throughout Enshrouded, Scavengers roam in various regions.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 6
Defeat Scavengers to get Metal Scrap (Fusion Thunder)

Engage and defeat these scavengers. Once defeated, search their bodies for a chance to loot Metal Scraps, among other items. This method not only provides resources but also helps clear areas of potential threats.

Teleport to Cinder Vault

Location: The Cinder Vault, your starting area in Enshrouded, which is accessible via fast travel.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 7
Fast travel to Cinder Vault to farm Metal Scraps (Fusion Thunder)

Enter the Cinder Vault; you’ll find metal ports and objects that, when destroyed, yield metal scraps. This location is recommended for its efficiency and ease of access, making it an ideal spot for farming metal scraps.

Enshrouded: Where to Find Metal Scraps 8
Destroy these Metal pots to get Metal Scraps (Fusion Thunder)

Tips for Efficient Metal Scrap Farming

Fast Travel Efficiency: To maximize your farming efficiency, utilize fast travel points to move quickly between high-yield locations, such as the Cinder Vault.

Combat Strategy: When dealing with Scavengers, prioritize quick and effective combat strategies to minimize damage and maximize loot retrieval time.

Exploration: While the locations mentioned are hotspots for Metal Scrap collection, exploring Enshrouded’s vast world can uncover additional bins, containers, and scavenger encounters not highlighted in this guide.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Check out Fusion Thunder’s video on the best ways to get Metal Scarps in Enshrouded.

Finding Metal Scraps in Enshrouded is crucial to the game’s crafting and survival mechanics. By focusing on compounds like Longkeep or Rookmore, engaging scavengers, and utilizing the Cinder Vault, players can efficiently gather this valuable resource. Remember, a combination of exploration, combat, and strategic use of fast travel will make your quest for metal scraps both successful and rewarding.

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