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As you delve into the depths of Enshrouded, preparing for the endgame becomes crucial. A key element in this preparation is mastering the use of Flax, an essential material for crafting high-end armor.

This guide will provide you with insights on effectively gathering and utilizing Flax in Enshrouded, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the challenges ahead.

How to Get Flax in Enshrouded

Flax Flowers

Flax is not just another material; it’s the backbone of your endgame crafting, particularly for armor. It’s the key ingredient in making Padding, which is vital for creating durable and powerful armor.

Enshrouded: How to Get Flax 2
Flax is a key ingredient in crafting armor (Mordarim)

Flax Importance

Flax is an important resource to craft Padding. Padding, essential for armor, is crafted using Fabric and Linen, with dyes such as Sulfur or Indigo Plant adding the final touches. Here’s the recipe:

1 Fabric = 10 Flax (since it’s made from 5 Linen, and each Linen requires 2 Flux).

For 1 Padding, you need 3 Fabric, 1 Leather, 2 Resin, and 3 Linen. Thus one Padding is equal to 36 Flax Flowers needed.

Padding Requirements for Armor

Each armor component demands a specific quantity of padding:

Helmets, Boots, and Chest Armor require 2 Paddings each. This is equal to 72 Flax Flowers needed.

Crafting Gloves requires 3 Paddings. This is equal to 108 Flax Flowers needed.

Enshrouded: How to Get Flax 3
Gloves require three Padding (Mordarim)

Pants demand 5 Paddings. This is equal to 180 Flax Flowers needed.

For a full set of armor, you will need 360 Flax Flowers and that is a large amount of Flax needed but we can save this amount of Flua if we start to farm this early game.

The number of Flax needed can be more if you are planning to make Metallic Armor since this requires more Padding. While you might initially think that metals would be the limiting resource for crafting metallic armors, it’s the padding, due to its high flax content, that becomes more challenging to produce.

Set Up a Flax Farm

Your journey starts in the fields, where Flax Flowers are grown.  You will need a Seedbed to plant the Flax Seedlings. To build a Seedbed, you need 10 Wooden Logs, 2 Metal Scarps, and 10 Farm Soil. Plant those, then harvest these flowers, then use Bats to acquire seedlings. Plant these seedlings to increase your Flax stock.

Initiate your flax production process early. Advanced armor sets in Enshrouded not only offer enhanced protection but also boast impressive aesthetics, and they require substantial amounts of padding. Endgame armors in Enshrouded are not only about function; they also contribute significantly to your character’s visual appeal in the game world.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Look at Mondarim’s guide and explanation about how to get Flax and increase your stock.

In summary, mastering Flax production and padding crafting is vital in Enshrouded for creating formidable endgame armor. Start your Flax farming early, keep up a consistent production of Padding, and you’ll be well-equipped for any challenge that comes your way.

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