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Today, I’m diving into some of the nifty tricks I’ve discovered in farming, specifically focusing on soil and water management.

These tips will revolutionize your farming experience in Enshrouded and make farming a breeze.

How to Farm in Enshrouded

First things first, before we can even farm, we will need things to start our farming journey. Make sure to have the required materials and equipment, such as Soil, Water, a Rake, a Pickaxe (which will come in handy), a Well, and, of course, Plants and Seedlings.


Starting with the basics, we have three types of soil: Dirt, Farm soil, and Fertilized Farm soil. If you’re aiming for efficiency, Fertilized Farm soil is your best friend. It accelerates crop growth significantly – we’re talking four times the speed or more!

Infinite Soil Trick

Now, here’s a neat trick: You can infinitely duplicate your Fertilized Soil. Just rake your fertilized soil to gain elevation and then dig it up with a Pickaxe. Voila, more fertilized soil without using up your original supply!

Once you’ve mastered Soil duplication, expanding your farm becomes a piece of cake. Just make sure to adjust your Rake angle to match the height of your fields. This way, you can maintain a consistent farming area. A neat tip to remember is that you can just hold the button when raking, no need to keep clicking it.

Infinite Water Trick

Water is crucial, but it can be a hassle to gather in large quantities. Here’s a workaround: free a weapon slot, pick up, and place the well again to reset its water supply. Repeat this process, and you’ll have an infinite water source right at your farm!

Optimal Plant Selection

When it comes to choosing plants, consider what you need for recipes and other in-game requirements. Here is a list of Plants that you can consider when building your farm:

  • Flax – Revelwood is known for its blue Flax flowers, essential for crafting Linen.
  • Saffron – In the Kindlewastes, you’ll spot Saffron’s small, pinkish flowers, a key ingredient for Spice and strength-enhancing food.
  • Wheat – The Nomad Highlands feature Wheat on a farm, as highlighted in the video, vital for strength.
  • Red Mushroom – The first zone is where you’ll find the Red Mushroom, used in healing and con foods.
  • Rooibos – which is needed for Spice, can be found as green bushes with yellow flowers throughout the Nomad Highlands.
  • Desert Flower – essential for Spice, are sad bushes with yellow flowers that grow everywhere in the desert.
  • Forest Beet – Revelwood’s farms are the place to find Forest Beet, necessary for dexterity and con meals.
  • Bell Pepper – grows in the Nomad Highlands, specifically in the northwestern corner or on farms, and is used in dexterity and constitution foods.
  • Azure Russula – key for mana potions and intelligence food, is found in caves beginning in Revelwood.
  • Purple Berries – required for health potions, are gathered in the first zone.
  • Sage Leaves – necessary for eternal healing spells, are found in the Nomad Highlands and resemble purple or indigo flowers in Revelwood.
  • Honey – vital for healing recipes, should be collected whenever found, with beehives crafted later for a steady supply.
  • Tomato – another ingredient for dexterity meals, are also found on farms in the first zone.
  • Aloe – crucial for healing recipes and spells, thrives in the Nomad Highlands.
  • Grapple Plant – boosts spirit by 5, is located in the Kindlewastes
  • Corncob – important for dexterity meals, is harvested on farms in the first zone.
  • Chamomile – used in numerous healing recipes, health potions, and Spice, grows abundantly in Revelwood.
Enshrouded: How to Farm 2
Plant locations in the map (Mordarim)

You’ll also need water for most crops, but with your new infinite Water supply, that’s no longer an issue. Remember, some plants like Flax require a bit of patience, but the reward is worth the wait.

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Check out Mordarim’s video in which they explain how to farm and how to do the infinite soil and water trick.

This game is all about strategy and efficient resource management. By mastering Soil and Water management, you’re setting yourself up for success in Enshrouded. Keep experimenting with different crops and techniques to find what works best for you.

Remember, farming is more than just planting seeds; it’s about creating a sustainable system that supports your in-game goals.

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