Blox Fruits Tier List: All Best Fruits Ranked (April 2024)

Blox Fruits Tier List: All Best Fruits Ranked (April 2024) 1

This tier list is your guide to understanding which Blox Fruits are currently the best in the game.

As Blox Fruits introduces new fruits and updates, it becomes challenging to keep up with which fruits offer the most formidable abilities. But don’t worry! Whether you’re defending castles, engaging in raids, or simply looking to enhance your gameplay, our Blox Fruits tier list is the key to unlocking your potential.

Updated on April 8, 2024: Our Blox Fruits Tier List remains unchanged this month. Blox Fruits hasn’t had significant gameplay changes since Update 23 in December, so it’s never been clearer which Fruits are far better than the rest.

We’re patiently waiting for Blox Fruits Update 24. Until then, enjoy dominating with the likes of our S Tier Fruits listed below!

Blox Fruits Tier List

TierBlox Fruit
SBuddha, Dough, Dragon, Kitsune, Venom
ADark, Flame, Ice, Leopard, Light, Magma, Portal, Quake, Rumble, Sound, Spirit, T-Rex
BBlizzard, Control, Gravity, Love, Mammoth, Phoenix, Sand, Shadow, Spider
CChop, Diamond, Pain, Rocket, Rubber, Smoke
DBarrier, Bomb, Falcon, Spike, Spin

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Best Blox Fruits Ranked

Buddha Fruit

Ah, the Buddha fruit. This legendary beast-type Blox Fruit is not just any fruit—it’s a game-changer, especially if you’re into raids and grinding. Costing a pretty penny at 1,200,000 money or 1,650 Robux, it’s not something you pick up on a whim. But boy, is it worth it. Why is it S-tier, you ask? Let me walk you through it.

First off, the Buddha fruit is like the Swiss Army knife of Blox Fruits. Its ability to transform you not only increases your M1 range dramatically but also makes your fighting style and sword swings reach enemies you thought were safe from afar. Imagine swinging at air, but instead of air, it’s your opponent’s HP going down. This is why it’s pegged as the best Blox Fruit for grinding and raids.

But here’s the kicker—the versatility doesn’t stop at just swords and fighting styles; guns are also part of the package. Although it doesn’t affect guns’ range, the sheer utility in having your melee and sword capabilities enhanced puts this fruit in a league of its own. Plus, with a low value in money but high trading potential, it’s like the stock market’s best-kept secret.

Now, let’s talk about its awakened form. If you thought the base form was impressive, the awakened Buddha fruit turns you into a battlefield deity. AOE shock waves, increased defense, and the ability to walk on water? It’s like turning on cheat mode but in the best way possible. The damage reduction alone makes you a tank, but with the agility and reach of a ninja.

So, why S-tier? Because whether you’re grinding through hordes of enemies or taking on the toughest raids, the Buddha fruit has got your back. It’s not just about the power; it’s about how it elevates your entire gameplay experience. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel like an untouchable deity now and then?

Dough Fruit

When you’re talking about the best fruits in Blox Fruits, Dough Fruit effortlessly rolls into the S-tier category, and for good reason. This Mythical Elemental-type fruit isn’t just a random pick from the bunch; it’s a game-changer, especially in PvP scenarios. With its price tag of 2,800,000 in-game money or 2,400 Robux, you know you’re getting into something special.

So, what makes Dough Fruit deserving of its S-tier status? For starters, its PvP capabilities are nothing short of insane. With moves like the long-range Missile Jab and the AOE powerhouse Pastry River, you’ve got yourself a fruit that can control the battlefield from almost every angle. The Dough Fruit doesn’t just allow you to throw a few punches; it lets you orchestrate a symphony of destruction, combining stun, damage, and “Instinct Break” across almost every move. Whether you’re up in the air or grinding it out on the ground, Dough has a tool for every situation.

But it’s not just about the raw power. The versatility Dough Fruit offers is unparalleled. It fits seamlessly into any play style, whether you’re a fruit, sword, or gun main. This adaptability, combined with its elemental nature and AoE skills, makes it a formidable choice for both PvP battles and grinding sessions, albeit with a bit more effort required for the latter.

The journey to fully awaken Dough Fruit, requiring 18,500 fragments, is a testament to its power and value within the community. It’s a path that many are willing to embark on, despite the challenges, because the reward is a fruit that can turn the tide of any battle, making it a highly sought-after asset for trades.

In essence, Dough Fruit’s placement in the S-tier is a no-brainer. Its combination of devastating attacks, strategic versatility, and sheer demand in the trading market cements its position as one of the elite choices for players looking to dominate in Blox Fruits. Whether you hate facing it in PvP or love unleashing its potential, there’s no denying the impact Dough Fruit has on the game.

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is a true behemoth in the Blox Fruits universe and rightfully claims its spot as an S-tier gem among the best Blox Fruits in the game. This mythical beast-type marvel isn’t just a sight to behold but a powerhouse in player-versus-player (PvP) confrontations, thanks to its awe-inspiring Area of Effect (AoE) and Instinct Break maneuvers. Its reputation for dealing high damage, especially to air campers, makes it a force to be reckoned with.

What sets the Dragon Fruit apart in the S-tier is its transformative prowess. Not only does this fruit allow you to morph into a dragon, offering a staggering 62.5% damage resistance and the ability to fly, but it also comes with a variety of attacks that are accessible even when you’re not transformed. This versatility is unmatched, similar to the Phoenix V2 but with a wider range of attacks right from the get-go.

The fruit’s passive abilities, like the Fury Meter, enhance its appeal, allowing for a strategic playstyle that rewards timing and skill. Mastery of the Dragon Fruit can turn the tide of any battle, with moves like the Fire Shower and Dragonic Claw causing havoc among opponents. Its high demand and rarity only add to its allure, making it a prized possession for trading and a significant advantage in combat.

Yet, it’s not without its challenges. The Dragon Fruit requires mastery and a deep understanding of its mechanics to fully unleash its potential, especially given its high mastery requirements and the strategic nuance needed to manage the Fury Meter effectively. Moreover, its transformed state makes you a larger target, adding a layer of complexity to its use in PvP scenarios.

In conclusion, the Dragon Fruit’s ranking as an S-tier fruit is well-deserved. It’s a testament to its power, versatility, and the strategic depth it adds to the game. Whether you’re looking to dominate in PvP or just enjoy the sheer thrill of transforming into a dragon, the Dragon Fruit offers an experience unlike any other in Blox Fruits. As we anticipate its enhancement and return, it’s clear that this fruit is not just a game-changer but a pivotal part of the Blox Fruits experience.

Kitsune Fruit

Introducing the Kitsune Fruit, a mythical treasure that’s taken the Blox Fruits universe by storm. As a S-tier fruit, it’s not just a fruit; it’s a game-changer. With a hefty price tag of either 8,000,000 in-game currency or 4,000 Robux, it’s clear this isn’t your everyday power-up. The Kitsune Fruit transforms players into a mythic fox, enhancing their abilities with every tail they grow. But why does it sit at the top of our tier list?

For starters, the Kitsune’s grinding capabilities are unmatched. Its M1 attacks, enhanced by burning damage as you gain tails, make short work of any opponent. And once you hit three tails? The game enters a whole new level. The transformation boosts your speed to unparalleled heights, making you a formidable force in PvP and PvE alike.

What sets the Kitsune apart is its unique blend of speed, power, and versatility. Able to walk on water and carry allies, it offers strategic advantages no other fruit can match. Its high demand is well justified, offering everything from incredible grinding potential to PvP dominance.

Whether you’re battling in the First Sea or navigating the challenges of the Third Sea, the Kitsune Fruit is your ticket to unparalleled power. Its rarity and cost are a testament to its worth, making it a prized possession for any player lucky enough to wield its power. In a world where strength is everything, the Kitsune Fruit is your key to becoming a legend.

Venom Fruit

When you hear about the Venom Fruit in “Blox Fruits,” you know you’re dealing with a powerhouse that’s not just any ordinary pick. Ranked as an S-tier fruit, the Venom Fruit stands tall among the best Blox Fruits available in the game, and there’s a plethora of reasons why it earns this spot. As a Mythical Natural-type fruit with a price tag that speaks volumes about its capabilities, it offers players a unique blend of offensive and defensive tactics, tailored for those who prefer a strategic edge in both PvP battles and grinding sessions.

The Venom Fruit’s prowess in combat comes from its ability to inflict damage over time through a poisonous miasma, creating a situation where opponents are left scrambling for relief. The fruit’s transformation feature elevates its utility, granting enhanced attacks and a significant defense buff, making you a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Its passive abilities, like the Fury Meter, add another layer of strategy, requiring players to balance transformation with fury management to maximize effectiveness.

But what truly places the Venom Fruit in the S-tier is its versatility. It excels in close-range encounters, thanks to moves that are designed to control space and keep opponents at bay. The poisonous puddles and toxic fog ensure that enemies can’t comfortably approach without taking significant damage, effectively turning the tide in the user’s favor. This fruit isn’t just about brute force; it’s about controlling the battlefield, making it incredibly annoying for opponents in PvP and highly efficient for grinding.

However, its mastery requirement and the strategic depth needed to unlock its full potential mean it’s not recommended for beginners or those in the first sea. But for seasoned players, the Venom Fruit is a testament to the idea that with great power comes great responsibility. Whether it’s dominating in PvP or breezing through grinding sessions, the Venom Fruit ensures that your presence is both felt and feared, making it a top-tier choice for players looking to make a significant impact in “Blox Fruits.”

Understanding our Blox Fruits Tier List

In the immersive universe of Blox Fruits, grasping the nuances of our tier list can significantly alter your gameplay and strategic planning. Let’s delve into the essence of what a tier list represents and how it influences your choice of Blox Fruits.

What is a Tier List?

At its core, a tier list is a ranking system that categorizes the elements of a game—be it characters, weapons, or, in our case, Blox Fruits—based on their performance and utility in various aspects of the game. Our Blox Fruits Tier List organizes all the available fruits from the most advantageous to the least, considering their power, rarity, and effectiveness in battles and quests.

You might wonder on what basis these fruits are evaluated. The criteria include the fruit’s unique abilities, its impact on gameplay, how it fares in both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) scenarios, and its synergy with other game elements. Fruits that offer high damage, strategic advantages, and versatility in multiple game modes are often found at the top of the tier list.

Why are Tier Lists Important in Blox Fruits?

Understanding the Blox Fruits tier list is paramount for any player aiming to excel. It serves as a strategic tool that not only highlights the most powerful and sought-after fruits but also aids in refining your approach to the game.

However, it’s crucial to remember that wielding a top-tier fruit is just the beginning. How you leverage its powers, complement it with your play style, and adapt to various game scenarios plays a pivotal role in your success. For instance, a fruit ranked lower on the tier list might become a game-changer in the right hands, especially if the player has honed its specific mechanics to perfection.

Tier lists are dynamic by nature, reflecting the ongoing changes within the game. As developers introduce new fruits, tweak existing ones, and adjust game mechanics, the tier list evolves to accommodate these updates. Staying informed about these changes is vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

In essence, tier lists offer more than just rankings—they provide insights into the game’s evolving meta, helping you make informed decisions about which fruits to pursue and how to integrate them into your strategy. As we explore our Blox Fruits Tier List, let’s uncover which fruits are currently reigning supreme and how you can utilize them to dominate your opponents.

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