Best Lancelot Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils, & Skills (March 2024)

Lancelot Granblue Fantasy Relink

Welcome to your go-to guide on the Best Lancelot Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink! If you’re looking to main Lancelot, you’ve come to the right place!

Lancelot is the captain of the Order of the White Dragons in Granblue Fantasy Relink, a prestigious knightly order in the Feendrache Kingdom. He’s able to be played as a DPS, sub-DPS, and as a stun provider.

Updated on March 5, 2024: We ensured Lancelot’s build is up-to-date and still effective. Based on our Granblue Fantasy Relink tier list, he is currently an S-Tier character to use!

Best Lancelot Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils, & Skills (March 2024) 1
Lancelot, Granblue Fantasy Relink (SubaruSumeragi)

Best Weapons for Lancelot

Choosing the best weapon for Lancelot would allow him to deal as much damage as possible to his enemies. Here are the recommended weapons for Lancelot:

  • Vegalta – Provides him with a boost to his critical hit rate, allowing for more damage.
  • Damascus Knife – Has Regen T.Lvl 15, which recovers a percentage of his max HP, and Catastrophe T.Lvl 25, which boosts his attack and increases damage cap when his HP drops at or below 45000.
  • Knight of Ice – Provides ATK and boosts his attack power.

Best Sigils for Lancelot

Equipping the right Sigils to his weapon is essential to fully unleash his potential in each battle, especially in boss fights. Note that tiers IV and V can only be obtained after the main story. Here are the best Sigils to equip:

  • White Dragon’s Glory – This sigil boosts the damage and distance Twin Blade Dance covers.
  • White Dragon’s Oath – It gradually boosts damage per successive hit. The effect resets if there isn’t a next hit in 2.5 seconds.
  • Combo Booster – Increases his damage for every successive hit.
  • Critical Damage – Increases the damage he deals with critical hits.
  • Critical Hit Rate – Increases his critical hit rate.
  • Damage Cap – Increases the damage limit of his attacks.
  • Tyranny – This may sound negative, but it decreases his max base health, but in exchange, it increases his attack power. This works well with the Damascus Knife.
  • Stamina – This Sigil allows him to increase his attack power based on his health. So, pairing this with Tyranny, Lancelot would have increased attack power when he has high and low HP.
  • Quick Cooldown – This gives him more damage up-time due to the lower cooldown.
  • Stun Power – Very good when paired with Lancelot’s skill Kaltzwinger to increase his stun power.

Best Skills for Lancelot

Choosing the right skill set for a character like Lancelot is crucial for maximizing his effectiveness in battle. Lancelot’s combat style is characterized by his swift, dual-wielding swordsmanship, making him adept at dealing with rapid, consecutive strikes to overwhelm foes. With that, here are the best skills to include in his set.

  • Blauer Dolch – This skill allows Lancelot to deal supplementary and additional damage to the enemies when he hits them.
  • Southern Cross – This is a fast multi-hit attack that is chainable into a combo, which allows Lancelot to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • Blade Impulse – An attack that allows Lancelot to lunge at enemies, closing in the gap and helping with the damage up-time.
  • Kaltzwinger – A move that is basically a stun; this makes him cast an ice trap that inflicts Glaciate. The stun duration could also be prolonged by holding.

Players may choose to replace Kaltzwinger with the remaining skills, such as Turbulenz (an aerial attack), Lawinensturm (a ranged attack), or Luftspiegelung (Mirror Image – damage nullification).

As we conclude this Granblue Fantasy Relink guide on the Best Lancelot Build, we hope the insights on the best weapons, sigils, and skills shared have illuminated the path to mastering him!

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