Best Charlotta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024)


Welcome to your go-to guide for crafting the Best Charlotta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink! Whether you’re dashing through the skies or clashing swords in the heat of battle, this guide is here to ensure Charlotta becomes your indomitable force on the battlefield.

From selecting the perfect weapon to optimizing sigils and mastering skills, you’ll discover how to maximize Charlotta’s damage output and survivability. If you’re looking to elevate your gameplay with Charlotta, you’ve found the right place. We’ll delve into the best Weapons, Sigils, and Skills to equip Charlotta with, making her a formidable presence against any foe.

Updated on March 10, 2024: Charlotta remains a top-tier choice, cementing her status as an S-tier character in our Granblue Fantasy Relink tier list with unmatched DPS and defense mechanisms. By reviewing her performance and adjusting our recommendations accordingly, we ensure that this guide reflects the best strategies and build compositions for Charlotta.

Best Charlotta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024) 1
Charlotta in Granblue Fantasy Relink (YouTube)

Best Weapons for Charlotta

Charlotta’s effectiveness in battle is greatly influenced by her weapon choice. Here, we highlight the top weapons that complement her fighting style, ensuring she delivers maximum damage while maintaining agility and survivability in combat.

  • Galatine, Trinity’s Wrath (Terminus Weapon): The ultimate weapon for Charlotta, designed to unleash her full potential at critical moments.
  • Ushumgal (Stinger Weapon): A solid choice for those who haven’t acquired Galatine yet, enhancing critical hit rates for reliable damage.
  • Claidheamh Soluis (Ascension Weapon): An excellent weapon that boosts Charlotta’s attack power, a dependable option for increasing her damage output.

Each weapon plays a crucial role in defining Charlotta’s combat effectiveness, with Galatine leading as the ideal choice for maximizing her DPS and survivability. Ushumgal and Claidheamh Soluis serve as solid backups, ensuring she remains a formidable force at various stages of the game.

Best Sigils for Charlotta

Sigils play a crucial role in augmenting Charlotta’s abilities, ensuring she can face any challenge head-on with confidence. The right combination of sigils can drastically enhance her performance, making her an indispensable member of any team.

  • Holy Knight’s Luster: Indispensable for Charlotta, significantly shortening her skill cooldowns. This sigil is pivotal in maintaining a high DPS output by allowing frequent use of her most powerful skills.
  • Holy Knight’s Grandeur: Provides Charlotta with a temporary boost in attack and a brief period of invincibility, essential for navigating through the game’s most challenging encounters.
  • Damage Cap: Elevates the limit of Charlotta’s attack damage, the Damage Cap sigil is critical for pushing her offensive capabilities to their maximum potential.
  • Critical Hit Rate: Boosting Charlotta’s likelihood of landing critical hits, this sigil is vital for ensuring her attacks consistently deliver substantial damage.
  • Combo Booster: Enhances Charlotta’s damage with each successive hit, making her rapid attack sequences increasingly devastating.
  • Supplementary Damage: This sigil grants Charlotta’s attacks the chance to deal additional damage, further amplifying her DPS in combat situations.
  • Guts: Significantly bolsters Charlotta’s survivability by allowing her to withstand a lethal hit, crucial for enduring tough battles.
  • Autorevive: Provides a safety net by automatically reviving Charlotta upon receiving a fatal blow, ensuring she can continue to contribute to the fight.

Best Skills for Charlotta

Charlotta’s skills selection is pivotal to her performance in battle. By focusing on her offensive capabilities while retaining the option for invincibility, she can sustain high DPS and remain agile and resilient against formidable opponents.

  • Shining Onslaught: A core offensive skill for Charlotta, delivering multiple hits that reduce the defense of her targets, paving the way for increased damage from subsequent attacks.
  • Sword of Lumiel: Unleashes a flurry of slashes, with the potential for extended damage output the longer Charlotta swings. This skill is a cornerstone of her DPS strategy.
  • Invincible: Offers Charlotta a crucial moment of invulnerability, invaluable for maintaining her offensive onslaught while negating incoming damage.
  • Holy Ladder: Serves as an adaptable damage skill, delivering long-range slashes that can seamlessly transition into follow-up attacks, enhancing Charlotta’s versatility in combat.
  • Königsschild: For situations demanding increased defense, Königsschild provides Charlotta and nearby allies with damage mitigation, showcasing her utility beyond mere DPS.

While Holy Ladder offers significant damage, Königsschild can be substituted for its damage mitigation benefits when necessary.

This guide provides a strategic framework for optimizing Charlotta in Granblue Fantasy Relink, spotlighting her as an S-tier character through the careful selection of weapons, sigils, and skills. By embracing these recommendations, Charlotta will not only excel in her role as a DPS champion but also exhibit unparalleled survivability, solidifying her as a critical asset in any gaming adventure.

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