Palworld: Best Base Location for Unlimited Metal Ore and Ingots 1

If you’re looking for a way to make your Palworld gameplay incredibly efficient with an infinite supply of metal ore and ingots, plus a healthy dose of passive XP for you and your Pals, you’re in the right place.

This guide to the best base location in Palworld will reveal a game-changing strategy that lets you accumulate resources effortlessly, whether you’re actively playing or just leaving the game to run in the background.

Best Base Location in Palworld for Ore and Ingots

First things first, let’s talk about location. The ideal spot for this setup is the particular area on the map shown in the image below, characterized by its ample metal nodes and convenient flat terrain for building.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Unlimited Metal Ore and Ingots 2
This is the best base location in Palworld for unlimited Ore and Ingots (TagBackTV)

Specifically, this gem of a location is found near the Plateau of Beginnings. You can access it by navigating through the roads leading down from the starting area, eventually climbing a path that brings you to this prime spot.

For reference, this location is marked near a fast travel point and a small settlement, making it not only resource-rich but also conveniently located.

The Magic of Automation: Pals and Equipment

Palworld: Best Base Location for Unlimited Metal Ore and Ingots 3

The cornerstone of this setup is automation. By leveraging the abilities of specific Pals, you can create a self-sustaining system. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Furnaces: Start with a couple of these for smelting Ore into Ingots.
  2. Storage Box: Essential for holding all that Ore and Ingot bounty.
  3. Feed Box & Berry Patches: Keep your Pals well-fed and energized.
  4. Baths and Beds: Comfort for your Pals is key.
  5. Mining Pals: Tombat is great for mining and transporting, while Penkings are versatile, handling mining, crafting, and watering tasks. Make sure to have a few of each.
  6. Crafting Pals: Fire-type Pals like Rooby or Arsox are ideal for smelting ingots.

You’ll find Tombats in the early areas of the game, mainly spawning at night near the mining facility’s location. Penkings can be either hatched from eggs found along the coast or caught in the south corner of the map. Arsox, for your crafting needs, are available in lava regions to the northeast or from flame eggs in the mountains.

The Workflow

Once your Pals are in place and your equipment set up, the process is beautifully straightforward:

  • Your mining Pals will gather ore.
  • The ore gets transported to the storage box.
  • Crafting Pals use furnaces to smelt the ore into ingots.
  • You gain XP passively as your Pals work.

This setup is not only about resource accumulation; it’s also about creating an environment where your Pals can thrive and level up, adding to the efficiency of your base.

Why This Palworld Base is a Game-Changer

With this setup, you’ll have a constant supply of metal ingots, crucial for crafting various high-level items like Megaspheres, Gigaspheres, and Ultraspheres. Not to mention, having a stockpile of ingots is invaluable for general crafting and upgrading throughout your Palworld adventure.

Video Guide

Looking for more information about the best Palworld base locations in the game? Check out this video guide by TagBackTV below.

Setting up this infinite metal ore and ingot farm at the right location in Palworld is a game-changer. It’s an efficient, passive way to gather resources and level up your Pals, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the game throws your way.

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