Genshin Impact event’s “soulless” end has fans calling for permanent events

Genshin Impact

Fans are unsettled by the “soulless” end to Genshin Impact events, sparking debate over making events permanent like Honkai: Star Rail.

Genshin Impact, a widely popular open-world RPG by HoYoverse, is known for its immersive world of Teyvat, engaging storyline, and vibrant characters. The game continuously evolves through its events, adding fresh content to keep the player base engaged and invested.

However, the end of the Alchemical Ascension event has left a portion of the community feeling a void, labeling its conclusion as “soulless.” Players expressed disappointment over dismantling event-specific decorations and returning areas to their pre-event state, which stripped the game of its added vibrancy and life.

When an event ends in Genshin Impact, all the decorations and other elements for the event are removed permanently from the game, and there is no other way to play the event. Those time-limited events are only playable during the game, making the players want the events to be permanent.

A player captured and shared photos illustrating the stark contrast between the lively, festive atmosphere during the Alchemical Ascension event and the now empty, “soulless” space that followed, as another player stated.

A player highlighted the event’s impermanence by noting, “So they demolished and re-erected the ruins back,” pointing out that after the festivities concluded, the game’s developers meticulously removed all traces of the event, restoring the area to its original state of ruins.

This sentiment mirrors a broader discussion within the Genshin Impact community about the ephemeral nature of event content. Fans are advocating for permanent event additions similar to Honkai: Star Rail’s “Conventional Memoir,” which allows players to revisit past events and enjoy their content at any time.

This discussion is not merely about preserving decorations but focuses on the desire to keep events and their gameplay mechanics as ongoing elements within Genshin Impact. Fans argue that permanent events could significantly enhance the game’s world, providing more depth and encouraging players to explore and engage with Teyvat in new, ongoing ways.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Conventional Memoir lets players access old events (Level Push)

The comparison with Honkai: Star Rail’s “Conventional Memoir” underlines a broader interest in evolving how live-service games manage their event content. By making events a lasting part of the game world, developers can create a richer, more immersive experience that continues to attract and retain players’ interest over time.

As Genshin Impact looks to the future, the community’s push for permanent events reflects a broader desire for a richer, more engaging gaming experience, drawing inspiration from the success of Honkai: Star Rail’s enduring event model.

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