Genshin Impact players speculate the addition of a Southeast Asia-inspired region

Genshin Impact players speculate the addition of a Southeast Asia-inspired region 1

The unexplored area on the map left by the addition of Chenyun Vale has Genshin Impact players speculating that the region will draw inspiration from real-life Southeast Asia. 

Genshin Impact players can’t help but clamor for more region additions after the delightful addition of Liyue’s Chenyu Vale. As the Liyue extension left an unlocked area on the Teyvat map, the player community is now wondering about the possibilities of a new region. 

As the game draws inspiration from real-life cultures and regions, such as China for Liyue and the Middle East for Sumeru, the players predicted Southeast Asia would inspire the area between the two.

In a post on Reddit, a Genshin Impact player expresses their prediction on the undiscovered area, garnering mixed comments – from agreement to suggesting a whole other theory. 

Genshin Impact’s “missing” region sparks players’ speculations

Some of the player comments on the Reddit post seem to agree that a Southeast Asian region is the most sensible addition, given the cultures of its neighboring areas.

One comment states that the mystery region is “smack right between Fantasy China and Fantasy India,” so a SEA region makes the most sense. 

However, another player’s rebuttal that the region should draw inspiration from the Himalayan mountain range resulted in more theories regarding the real-life counterparts of Genshin Impact’s geography.

In response to the idea, one player suggested that the Chasm region is already the Himalayas – only upside down. 

byu/Parlax76 from discussion

Not all Genshin Impact players seem to think that another region will arise from the darkness of the Teyvat map. Some think that it could be an empty sea region, like the gap from Mondstadt to Inazuma. 

Meanwhile, other players hypothesize that Hoyoverse is still deciding who to award the new region to, with another Liyue expansion being the top bet. 

byu/Parlax76 from discussion

Whether or not the unlocked area will contain another region, Genshin Impact players can still expect further expansions of the Teyvat map. The Genshin Impact lore on Natlan and the tension-packed Snezhnaya are yet to be experienced by the game’s massive player base. 

Do you think Hoyoverse should add a Southeast Asian region to the game, or should the lore move forward to the eventual reunion of Lumine and Aether? Let us know your theories in the comment section!

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