Genshin Impact players ponder “mystery” behind Gourmet Supremos’ Fontaine journey


Genshin Impact’s community is abuzz with the “mystery” of the Gourmet Supremos’ sudden disappearance after venturing to Fontaine.

Genshin Impact, a game celebrated for its expansive open world and elemental combat system, allows players to explore the lands of Teyvat, uncover secrets, and unfold the rich narratives of its characters. Among the myriad of quests and adventures, the journey of the Gourmet Supremos stands out for its culinary focus and the peculiar mystery surrounding their venture into Fontaine.

The Gourmet Supremos, a group of culinary adventurers, became fan favorites through a series of quests that involved exploring the tastes of Teyvat. However, their unexpected departure to Fontaine has left players puzzled and concerned.

The intrigue deepened when Xudong’s letter, promising a reunion in Fontaine that never occurred, was discovered after the “Gourmet Supremos: Cleanup” quest. This letter has sparked widespread speculation and concern among the Genshin Impact community.

The community’s reaction to their vanishing has been a mix of dark theories and hopeful expectations for upcoming quests. Players have been vocal about the unsettling conclusion of the last quest, noting how the abrupt disappearance and the mysterious letter from Xudong have raised concerns over the group’s fate, especially with their complete absence in Fontaine, sparking fears that the trio may have been murdered or that they never made it to their intended destination.

Another anxious fan expressed concerns, speculating that if the storyline took a dark turn resulting in the harm or murder of the Supremos, it would be quite upsetting. They highlighted Fontaine’s notorious reputation for harboring dangerous individuals, implying that such a scenario could be plausible.

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Yet, hope remains for a brighter resolution. Some players hold onto the possibility of the Supremos reappearing in Fontaine, pointing out the upcoming game updates that include the introduction of new characters. This leads to speculation about a future quest that could involve a thrilling rescue of the Gourmet Supremos from the dubious clutches of Nete.

It’s clear that the mystery of the Gourmet Supremos’ journey to Fontaine has captured the imagination of Genshin Impact’s player base.

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