Genshin Impact players lament "useless" old weekly bosses 1

The Genshin Impact community calls overworld bosses and early game content “useless,” as most characters now require materials from the latest regions.

Genshin Impact’s third anniversary was marked with both celebration and displeasure from its playerbase. As the game continues to dominate mobile in-app sales and social media trending lists, the in-game lore grows as we uncover more of Teyvat’s geography and history. 

As the Genshin Impact map grows, players also gain access to overworld bosses and weekly dungeons that grant level, talent, and weapon materials. However, one player noted that those old weekly bosses are now “obsolete” for most of the playerbase. 

In a Reddit post on r/GenshinImpact, a player noted that new characters always need materials from the latest weekly bosses.

Genshin Impact players find old weekly bosses “useless” 

The player uses the latest 4-star character, Gaming, as an example. In the Genshin Impact lore, Gaming is a Wushou dancer from China-inspired Liyue. However, his talent materials are dropped by the All-Devouring Narwhal from the Fontaine region. 

Gaming is not the first character to experience this “mismatch” in material sources. One player notes that Mika, a Cryo spear-wielder from Mondstandt, requires ascension materials from Sumeru’s Anemo overworld boss, Setekh Wenut. 

This mechanic differs from earlier characters in Genshin Impact. Where Pyro characters like Diluc and Xiangling require level materials from Pyro Regisvine and Geo vision users need materials from Gimel, the Geo Hypostasis. 

Genshin Impact players lament "useless" old weekly bosses 2

While one player suggests that farming would be “much harder” for new players as the in-game lore progresses from Monstadt to the following regions – Genshin Impact recently incorporated a mechanic that lets you fight weekly bosses before unlocking them through Archon Quests. 

Another player notes that early-game players would have to wait to advance in Adventure Rank (AR) before farming for the new characters. Some weekly bosses, like the All-Devouring Narwhal, are only accessible for players AR 40 and above.

Some of the most prominent examples of “obsolete weekly bosses” are Stormterror Dvalin and Wolvendom’s Andrius. The latest character released that requires talent material from Andrius is Klee, first released in November 2020, with the newest rerun last October 2023. At the same time, most of Dvalin’s characters were 1.0 characters obtainable upon Genshin Impact’s debut. 

The most recent 5-star characters often require materials from the most recent regions, Sumeru and Fontaine. Meanwhile, weekly and overworld bosses from Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma are seemingly consigned with oblivion. 

This may be HoyoLab’s way to enthuse their playerbase to keep up with the latest Genshin Impact game progressions. However, the community surely misses reliving the early days of farming these bosses that played a huge part in their gaming memories.

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