Genshin Impact players in disbelief over new character's name 1

In a surprising twist that has left the Genshin Impact community both amused and perplexed, the latest character to join the popular action RPG’s roster has been officially named “Gaming.”

The announcement of “Gaming” as a new character in the upcoming Version 4.4 update has certainly caught the attention of Genshin Impact players.

Known for its diverse and culturally rich character lineup, Genshin Impact has always intrigued players with unique names drawn from various linguistic and cultural inspirations.

However, “Gaming” seems to have broken the mold, leading to comments like, “Ain’t no way you named him that,” and “His name is literally gaming?”

Despite the initial shock over his name, “Gaming” is more than just a talking point. He is a 4-Star Pyro character from Liyue, a region in the game inspired by Chinese culture.

His design and backstory are rooted in the tradition of the lion dance, a significant part of Chinese New Year celebrations. This makes him an apt addition to the game’s Lantern Rite festival event, coinciding with the real-world festivities.

The choice of “Gaming” as a name is a result of the game’s approach to character names from Liyue. In Mandarin, his name would be anglicized as Jia Ming, but the Cantonese reading produces Ga Ming.

Genshin Impact follows Cantonese for Liyue names, leading to this unique situation. While the name isn’t pronounced like the English word “gaming,” it certainly has caused a mix-up, especially for those looking up character builds or information online.

The Genshin Impact community has been vocal about this unusual naming choice. While many find it amusing, others criticize it as scraping the bottom of the barrel. The humor is evident in comments like, “His name is GAMING???” reflecting the community’s surprise and amusement. However, some players have raised concerns about potential cultural insensitivity and the challenges of localization in a global game.

As Genshin Impact prepares for its 4.4 update, “Gaming” is set to become a part of the game’s expansive world. Despite the initial reactions to his name, it remains to be seen how he will fit into the game’s meta and the broader narrative of Genshin Impact.

Players are advised to include “Genshin Impact” in their search queries to avoid confusion when looking for information about this new character.

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