Xianyun Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s community is expressing their dissatisfaction over Xianyun’s restricted skill to use while in mid-air.

As one of the latest additions to the Genshin Impact roster, Xianyun brought with her a wave of excitement and curiosity. Her unique skill to transform into a bird promised a fresh gameplay experience that diverged from conventional character skill sets. However, this enthusiasm was quickly tempered by the players’ realization of a significant limitation: Xianyun’s inability to use her skill while in mid-air.

This oversight, as some players perceive it, stands out, especially when considering the game’s exploration that often rewards creative and flexible use of character skills. The comparison to characters like Kazuha, who can use his skills in the air, has intensified the frustration.

A Reddit user expressed their grievance, highlighting the ability of the character to transform into a bird being restricted to using their skill mid-air, suggesting it was a missed opportunity by the developers to enhance gameplay immersion and versatility.

This sentiment was echoed by another player who lamented the scarcity of characters with mid-air skills, saying, “Yeah, pretty sad. Mid-air skills are probably my favorite thing, and only two characters have them.”

On the flip side, some community members argued that this limitation might be a matter of game balance. One user highlighted, “Because if it worked like that you can just fly for extremely long periods of time at c6, basically creative mode in Minecraft at that point.”

Another community member viewed this not as an oversight but as a deliberate design choice, suggesting that it was “100% a conscious choice.”

This perspective suggests that while the restriction might seem like a missed opportunity for fun and exploration, it could be a deliberate choice to maintain gameplay balance.

Despite these varied viewpoints, the discussion deeply engages with the game’s design and character mechanics. Players are keenly interested in how abilities like Xianyun’s impact gameplay, exploring the fine line between creativity and balance in Genshin Impact.

As the conversation around Xianyun’s abilities continues, it serves as a reminder of the dynamic and evolving relationship between game developers and the player community. This dialogue not only influences current character functionality but also informs the development of future characters and gameplay mechanics, ensuring that Genshin Impact remains a collaborative and immersive experience for all involved.

As Genshin Impact’s community debates Xianyun’s mid-air skill restrictions, the conversation highlights the intricate balance between character uniqueness and gameplay fairness.

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